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New Delhi: ‘What’s in a name?’ The bard had asked. Well, it seems, everything! Our names are our identity, one that we carry with us till the end of our life! Choosing a name for your child is, therefore, a very special as well as a significant event, as that will form your child’s identity. So if you are looking to name your kid or the child of a loved one, here are some popular Indian names for boys and girls that you can choose from. 

Beautiful Indian names for baby boy and girl, and their meanings

10 popular baby boy names:

  1. Aarush is a popular Indian name that denotes “the first ray of sun.”
  2. Badal means “cloud” for a sweet nature to induce your baby boy.
  3. Devansh means “part of god”
  4. Ishank means “the peak of Himalayas”, a beautiful choice indeed
  5. Kabir is the name after the“famous saint”.
  6. Lakshay is a very cool Indian name that means “target”
  7. Nirvaan indicates “ultimate bliss” which is a unique word for your little one.
  8. Rohan means ascending and has been an ever-popular name!
  9. Vihan indicates “dawn” or “morning,” it brings hope
  10. Veer means one “who is brave” and also another name of lord Mahavir.

10 popular baby girl names:

  1. Adira means ‘strong’, ‘powerful
  2. Harshita, which means ‘always happy.’ That’s what we want our baby girl to be!
  3. Juhi is an Indian name which means “jasmine flower”
  4. Nitara, which means deeply rooted
  5. Ranya, which stands for ‘joyful’
  6. Trayi means ‘clever’
  7. Kiyana, which stands for ‘light’ or ‘deity
  8. Navya, means new, fresh, praiseworthy
  9. Saanvi, follower of Goddess Laxmi, harbinger of luck, prosperity
  10. Zoha, which means Light