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Naming one’s child is one of the significant first steps that parents take. For every generation, there are some names that are more popular than others, while like fashion, some names get back in trend.  While naming your kid, one must keep in mind that the name is going to be the child’s core identity for the rest of their life. Therefore, in your own excitement and zeal to be unique, don’t end up naming your kid something that the child will later regret. A case in point: A Russian couple wanted to name their son Viagra. Thank God for the state’s intervention, the child was spared from being given a name that could have very well made him the butt of jokes when he grew up.

Here’s a list of Indian baby names – of both boys and girls – that starts with the letter A.

1) Ayaan: The name that typically means a gift from God. And that’s what our baby boy indeed is!

2) Aadi: It stands for the very beginning and is a boy’s name

3) Aarvi: The name stands for peace; the feeling that we get when we see our baby girl!

4) Anvika: It means powerful and complete, the powerful and strong one – that’s our girl, indeed

5) Aanay: It’s another name of Lord Ganesha; It means without a superior. It’s also considered another name of Lord Vishnu.

6) Avyan: A boy who’s eloquent and has no imperfections. It’s also one of many names of Lord Ganesha. 

7) Advait: Someone who has no equivalent, someone unmatched. It’s also another name for Brahma and Vishnu. 

8) Ashvik: One who is blessed to be victorious, it’s a boy’s name.

9) Arihant: A boy’s name which means killer of his enemies.

10) Aadvika: A girl who’s unique in all aspects, also representing Earth.

11) Aashvi: Blessed and victorious, it’s a girl’s name

12) Aahana: First rays of the run; it also means a girl who’s sweet and charming like rose

13) Arya: A baby boy’s name which means noble one/noble person

14) Advik: A boy who is matchless, has no equivalence 


15) Aadav: A boy’s name which implies the sun

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