Anandiba Aur Emily 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi accepts Emily and Aarav’s marriage

Anandiba Aur Emily 13th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Emily getting conscious. She sees Aarav and everyone. She congratulates Aarav and asks everyone to dance on the happy occasion. Emily dances. Pinky also dances. Gunjan stops Emily. Gunjan says the kundali dosh has come on Emily, she will die in some days, then I will marry Aarav. Gunjan says no, she won’t die. She goes to Anandi and asks what is she thinking. Anandi gets angry.

Anandi throws water on Emily’s face. Jaman asks did they call Baa for the ransom. He sees Anandi’s phone in the car. He answers. The waiter blackmails for money. Jaman says no need to threaten, mission cancel. Aaghya gets freed. Jaman says no use to keep Aaghya there, leave him. He sees Aaghya and covers his face. Aaghya scolds them and beats up. Jaman worries. He says Baa will vent out the anger on me. Gulab says Aarav was going to marry Pinky, he got married to you. Emily asks what nonsense. Gulab asks her to see the wedding fire. She says its impossible. Gunjan says we will find a way to cancel this. Emily asks Aarav are they saying the truth. He nods. Gunjan says she was drunk, we will cancel this marriage. Kanchan says but marriage happened with all the rituals, it should be accepted. Gulab says this marriage can’t be accepted. They argue.

Pinky says we will toss and decide, its simple. Gunjan asks her to shut up. Emily asks did we really get married. Gulab says yes. Emily asks did all the rituals happen. Anandi says yes. Emily sits holding her head. Anandi says marriage is completed, but… Gunjan says you are the judge of Gondal, declare that this marriage is nullified. Lovely scolds Anandi.

Anandi says I accept that this marriage happened by all the rituals, against my happiness and wish. Aaghya tries to see the waiters’ face. Gulab says we will go home, but one member is more now. He jokes. They leave for home. The song Aa dekhe zara plays on radio. Jaman asks how will this button get off. Gunjan says it won’t get off now. Waiter calls Jaman and says you all can’t handle Aaghya alone. Anandi asks what. Jaman lies to them. He indirectly tells the waiter about the spicy green chutney. Waiter says I understood. Aaghya says everyone has run away, I will see your face. Waiter throws the chutney on his face. Aarav tries talking to Emily. Emily says you are good, your family is good, but I can’t believe this marriage. Everyone discusses about the marriage. Gunjan asks will Emily accept our customs. Kanchan says we will explain her. Anandi asks where is Aaghya. Kanchan goes to Emily and blesses. She says your grah pravesh will happen today. She explains it to Emily. Aaghya comes home. Anandi asks where were you, are you fine. Aaghya says sorry, I was caught into a trouble, shall I say. Anandi says yes. He says I will tell later. Gunjan says you got late in bringing the varnmala, marriage is done. Aaghya says sorry for coming late, Pinky make Aarav wear the varnmala. Gunjan says no, she lost. Kanchan says the garland is for Emily, we were preparing for her grah pravesh. Aaghya is shocked. Emily says marriage doesn’t happen this way, sorry, I won’t do this ritual. Gunjan says good if she doesn’t do. Anandi says I will find some way if you don’t accept the marriage. Emily says my decision, I want to talk to Aarav. Anandi thinks what does she want to talk to Aarav.

Emily asks do you love me, if you don’t love me, then this marriage has no meaning, just say yes or no. Aarav thinks.