Anandiba Aur Emily 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily keeps the fast

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Anandiba Aur Emily 22nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Aarav saying Anandi made Emily keep a strict fast, I can’t bear hunger. He calls Jaman and asks him to get snacks for him. They see Aarav and ask him to come downstairs to have food. Aarav says Emily kept a fast for me, how can I eat if she is hungry. Anandi thinks he is going out of control. Gunjan scolds Pinky and says I can’t see anything clearly because of sleeping pill.

She takes the tea for Anandi. She isn’t able to see her. Anandi asks what happened to you. She asks Emily didn’t you eat anything. Emily signs no. Kanchan blindfolds Emily. Kanchan asks Emily to break the pot. Emily breaks many things. Pinky laughs. Gunjan eats a banana and throws the banana peel. Kanchan says Emily will break all the things. She asks Emily to break the pot.

Aarav looks on. Gulab asks what is she doing. Aaghya says I told you, Emily can’t do this. Emily slips by the banana peel. She breaks the pot and falls there. She claps and says I did it. Aarav dances. Pinky says you helped her. Gunjan says there are many rasams, she will make some mistake.

Aaghya and Gulab say Emily has broken the pot before 12. Emily signs Aarav. He throws a stole over her. I m in love…plays… Gulab eats the kheer. Emily likes it. She asks about kheer. He says rice, milk and sugar, stirred together. She asks is it a pudding. He says puri is best with the kheer, I will go and get it. Pinky sees Emily and thinks she will do something wrong.

Emily tries to resist the kheer. She takes the kheer bowl. Pinky gets happy. She goes to tell Gunjan. Gunjan is sleeping. Pinky tries to wake her up. She says I have seen Emily taking the kheer bowl. Gunjan says come, we will tell Anandi. Pinky says we have to catch Emily. Gunjan says we have to show the thief stealing. Pinky asks how did thief come in between, you sleep, I will manage. Jaman gets the snacks for Aarav. Aarav says I m very hungry. Gunjan comes to Anandi and says Emily took the kheer bowl to eat. Kanchan says no, she isn’t a fraud. Pinky says come with us and see. They all see Emily with the kheer bowl. They follow Emily. Gunjan asks Pinky to get a phone. Pinky says no need to call police. Gunjan says make a video. Aarav recalls Emily’s words. He says I feel bad, I can’t have this. Jaman asks do you want something. Aarav says I told Emily that I will keep a fast for her, I don’t want to eat, keep it back. They see Emily with the kheer bowl. Aarav says she is practical, she will eat the food if she wants. Anandi says if she isn’t able to carry our values, then she will repeat the mistakes.

Emily says no key. She gets the jewellery. Anandi says you can’t find the key.