Anandiba Aur Emily 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Emily’s second task

Anandiba Aur Emily 23rd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Emily feeding the kheer to the cats. Everyone is surprised. Aarav smiles. Emily asks how did you all come here. Anandi asks Gunjan why did he come. Gunjan says we came to see the wind direction. Pinky says tell her that we came to catch her, you forget things. Emily says I came to give food to the cat and kittens. Kanchan says she has pity for animals also. Anandi says don’t get impressed by anyone so soon. Kanchan asks Emily did she eat. Emily says no, never.

Aarav refuses to eat, thinking of Emily. Kanchan comes. Aarav signs Jaman to hide the snacks. Kanchan gets the smell of the snacks. She finds the shoe box. Jaman lies to her. Kanchan asks Aarav to come, Emily didn’t break the fast, she will make a place in Anandi’s heart. Aarav says I also think so. She goes. Jaman says Emily will make a place in this house, you have to go to America or not. He goes to Anandi. Anandi asks Emily to find the cupboard keys, and then break the coconut in Aarav’s feet by doing the puja. She says this is your test. Emily says I didn’t understand. Kanchan says I will explain you. Anandi asks will you do this. Emily says of course. Jaman says you won’t get the America citizenship, we will follow Anandi and tell Emily. Aarav says its good, mum will oust Emily and I will also go with her.

Gunjan dips her head in the water. Pinky gets a silver bowl to show her. Gunjan gets glad. Anandi hides the key. She says I want to make the fast rasam tough for her. She calls Aarav and Aaghya. Emily looks for the keys. Everyone gives her hints. Emily looks around. She says I m sure she has hidden it at any unusual place. She asks can I go to storeroom. Anandi says yes. Emily runs. Pinky asks Gunjan shall I hide this in storeroom. Gunjan says no, we have already hidden many things there. Anandi comes and sees the hot iron. She asks Gunjan where is he focus. Gunjan says on Emily. Anandi says she went to storeroom to find the keys. Gunjan says she may find notes. Emily gets the money from the grain box. Anandi asks how did notes go in the grains. Gunjan says don’t know. Pinky says we had hidden it. Gunjan says maybe its my mistake. Aaghya says no, its Gulab’s mistake. Anandi says don’t do this mistake again. Aaghya says Emily has found my ring and your gold toe rings. Kanchan says she didn’t find the key till now. He says maybe she can’t find it. Aarav asks Emily to have water. She says no, I won’t cheat anyone and myself, I don’t lie or hear lie, I don’t tolerate lies. He worries.

Emily finds more jewellery items. She says no key. Anandi says she can’t find the key, I will get the keys first and then oust Emily.