Anandiba Aur Emily 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update

Anandiba Aur Emily 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Gunjan saying I told Baa that you will be much busy and won’t becoming to bless Aarav and his bride. Jaibala says no, I will come and bless the kids. Gunjan does a drama. Jaibala says I will come today and meet everyone. Gunjan smiles. Pinky says Jaibala will break Aarav and Emily’s marriage, you should have told this to Jaibala on call itself. Gunjan says if Baa knew that I told this to Jaibala, then Baa would have made me oust, we have to show that we are trying to hide this truth, but we have to provoke Jaibala. She smiles.

Emily asks why did you get me here. Aarav says we should plan to go to America soon. She says no, I won’t go until Anandi accepts me as her bahu. He thinks my dream won’t get fulfilled. He says you don’t know my mum, you won’t be able to win her. She says I will stay here with my family, I don’t care of anyone’s taunt if you love me, else I will go. Aarav gets sad. She asks you love me, right. He asks how can you ask this, my love will never get less. She says I knew it, I have to show you something. She shows the A letter pendant and says I want this to be close to my heart. Aarav makes her wear it. Ishq wala love….plays…

Gulab says I can’t do any job. Kanchan says talk to Parimal baba. He says I have got his blessings and spent a lot, I m losing faith on him, shall I ask him for a refund. She says no, you can’t ask him. He gets Parimal’s call. He says I have done as you said, what, really, it was impossible without you. He says Parimal said that I m here in India, but I m from abroad, I have to do what he told me, I have to come in my real avatar, I have to live like a foreigner. Kanchan smiles.

Gunjan comes running to Anandi and says we can’t show our face to anyone. Anandi asks what happened. Gunjan says I can’t see your insult. Anandi asks what are you saying. Gunjan says she is coming, she will come as a storm and ruin our lives, Jaibala Kaki is coming. Anandi is shocked.

She asks when, how and why is she coming. Gunjan says she said she is coming to bless Aarav’s wife, she will scold you a lot. Anandi says if she keeps those two conditions, then… She recalls asking Jaibala to hold the sword, she knows what to do. She provokes Jaibala. Jaibala breaks the gathbandhan with the sword. FB ends.

Anandi says if Jaibala keeps those two conditions in front of me, then I have to break Aarav and Emily’s marriage to save my position. Aaghya says no, you can’t leave this position. Aarav looks on. Emily cries and says our journey was till here. He cries seeing the passport. She says I was just a ticket to America for you, you have cheated me. She tears his passport and removes her locket. Aarav’s dream ends. He says no, you can’t separate Emily and me, I mean if you break this marriage, then what will people say.

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