Anandiba Aur Emily 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Jaibala arrives

Anandiba Aur Emily 29th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Anandi saying I got a solution. Kanchan says anyone can tell Jaibala about Emily. Gunjan asks Aaghya to just rush and get Jaibala from the bus station, don’t let anyone talk to her on the way. Anandi hugs her and praises. Gunjan signs Pinky to steal Anandi’s gold chain. Aarav asks what’s these papers. Emily says its consulate papers to send me back to America. He asks what, when, why. She smiles. He asks are you joking, how will you go leaving me. She says you love me so much, its my visa extension papers. He asks what’s the need, we will go, your colour will get tanned. Emily says I will impress Anandi, I asked her to give me some work.

He asks what work will she give you. She says she will give me work and also bless me, when she accepts me, we all will go to America. Anandi comes and asks Aarav to take Emily and go, before Jaibala comes. Aarav asks really, my lovely mummy, I knew it, you will get ready to send me. Emily says I won’t go until I win her heart. Anandi says your dream won’t get fulfilled. Aarav says we will go, but I don’t have American visa. Anandi pulls her ears. She asks Emily to go to temple and listen to Guru ji’s lesson. She goes. Emily says finally, just you and me will spend time, I m so excited.

Gulab takes disguise of a designer. A lady says I want a selfie with you. He says one selfie, 10 dollar. She gives him 10 rs. He says American dollar. She says I don’t have. He says 500rs. She says no. He asks for 20rs. She says okay, and calls her family for the selfie. She pays 20rs. Gulab kisses the note. He thanks Parimal. He asks anybody wants a selfie?

Aaghya calls Gunjan and says I didn’t get Jaibala at the bus stop. She says find her, be positive. She goes to Anandi and asks her to give all the tensions to her. She dances with Pinky behind Anandi’s back. Anandi says but I m tensed… Gunjan says I can understand, anyone can tell Jaibala about Emily. Anandi worries. Gulab eats chaat and talks to the seller. He lies about his US Bungalow. He asks him to make a spicy chaat. The man asks for 200rs. Gulab asks what tax did you add in the chaat, Indians’ name get spoiled because of people like you, you are fraud. He sees Jaibala. She says I have stopped the rickshaw, you can’t sit in this rickshaw. He says I m Gulab. She scolds him, and says a foreigner has cheated my daughter, you get out of here. She leaves in the auto rickshaw. Gulab says Jaibala here in Gondal. Aarav comes to Emily. She wears her dress. He says sorry. She says no need of sorry, can you help in tying this dress string. He says I never did this before. She says its not difficult, try. Ishq wala love….plays….

He ties the string. She asks how do I look. He smiles and says you look very pretty, just one thing is less. She asks what. He shows the bindi. Pinky irritates Gunjan. Gunjan gets angry. She thinks of Jaibala. Jaibala argues with the auto driver. She sees Aarav in the car. She goes to him. He gets shocked seeing her. He worries seeing Emily and Jaman behind. She says you came to take me, right, take my luggage. He thinks Jaibala can’t see Emily. Aarav leaves. Jaman and Emily run after the car. She asks why is Aarav leaving. Jaman says don’t know.

Gunjan says we have to make Emily’s ghunghat fly off in front of Jaibala. Jaibala sits to have food. Emily’s ghunghat flies off. Jaibala sees her and asks Anandi is your bahu a foreigner.