Anandiba Aur Emily 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Jaibala makes Anandi worry

Anandiba Aur Emily 30th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Jaman calling Aarav. He asks why did you leave Emily here. Aarav asks him to just stop Emily. Jaman doesn’t see Emily and calls her out. Emily runs and comes in front of the car. Aarav gets shocked and takes the car reverse. Jaibala asks what happened. Aarav says there was danger on that road, there are big pits in that route. Emily runs again. Jaman says Emily is finding you. Aarav asks how does she know the routes here in Gondal. Emily comes in front of the car again and shouts Aarav, wait, where are you going. Aarav drives round and round. Jaibala asks will you take me home, can I meet my friend. Emily asks him to wait. Aarav says yes, why not. Jaibala says I want to see your new bride soon. Anandi says no one will tell Jaibala that Emily is a foreigner. Kanchan gets the curtains. Anandi says keep it there. Gulab comes. Gunjan asks him to leave. Gulab says its me, I m not Emily’s relative, I m Gulab Das. Kanchan gets happy.

Gulab says Parimal baba told me that I was born in a wrong country, so I m roaming in my right avatar. Anandi says we know we got Kanchan married in a wrong family. Gunjan says Aaghya will get Jaibala.

Anandi gets shocked seeing Aarav and Jaibala at the door. Gunjan smiles. She asks why is Jaibala so angry. Jaibala asks why did you do this, I m ashamed to say that you have broke your own rule.

Gunjan asks what rule did Baa break. Jaibala laughs and says Anandi didn’t come to pick me from the bus depot, she is so shocked like she got Aarav married out of the community. Pinky says yes. Gunjan stops her. She lies. Jaibala says congrats for your son’s marriage, I had gone on a yatra, I was relieved because you were handling Gondal. Jaibala asks about Gulab. Gulab says you are seeing me because I m here. Aarav says Gulab is really here. Jaibala asks Anandi why did she get the foreigner home. She reminds that day. Anandi worries. Gunjan asks Pinky not to tell anything aloud. Pinky asks will your plan fail, why aren’t you happy. Gunjan says my plan is superhit. Jaibala asks how did this foreigner come here. Emily is on the way with Jaman. Neighbor talks to her. Emily misunderstands her. Aarav sees Emily coming. He shouts mummy and runs to his room. Jaibala asks why did he run to his room. Anandi says he is such since morning. Pinky says Emily has come.

Anandi worries. Jaibala asks what am I hearing, who is Emily, it seems like a foreigner’s name, who is she. Anandi asks Gunjan to tell her. Gunjan says veg vendor got Imli, I will make chutney for you. Pinky says Emily has come outside. Gunjan says I told you, we will make what the guests like. Anandi gets angry on Pinky. Gunjan asks Pinky to get quiet. Jaibala says I will buy some Imli too. They all shout no. She asks why.

Aaghya says if you go out, then you will see a foreigner. Anandi asks Gunjan to say it. Gunjan lies to Jaibala again. Pinky also jokes. Jaibala says my saree is worth 10000rs, its good you told me. Anandi asks her to come and take rest. She takes Jaibala. Emily comes in and sees Gulab. Gulab asks how can I help you. Emily complains about the neighbor Induben. Jaman says he is our Gulab Phua. Gulab says its me, Gulab, explain me everything in hindi. Kanchan asks Emily to go. Emily says I want to talk to Aarav. She goes inside and calls out Aarav. Anandi sees Emily and asks Kanchan why did you get her here. Gulab says I tried to explain her, but she came inside. Emily says Baa wants me to take an entry from the back door, fine. Anandi says just go away from here. Jaibala comes calling out Anandi. Anandi worries.


Gunjan says we have to make Emily’s ghunghat fly in front of Jaibala. She goes to Anandi and Jaibala. Jaibala is shocked to see Emily. She asks Anandi is a foreigner your bahu.