Anandiba Aur Emily 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi faints down

Anandiba Aur Emily 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Anandi asking why did you get me to the temple suddenly. Gunjan says I prayed that your bp gets fine, when your bp got low, you are my Lord. Anandi says I did something good to get you as my bahu. Aarav asks Emily not to scold him. He says it was my mistake, you got scolded, sorry. Emily says you are so cute, I have forgiven you, relax. He asks so soon. She says yes, you teach me puja in the temple. Aarav asks her to do Namaskaar first. She smiles seeing him. Gunjan looks for them. She sees them outside the temple. She says puja is over, come with me. Anandi says so soon. Gunjan says yes, come. Anandi asks where are you taking me. Gunjan looks for Aarav. She says two birds were there, they flew, I forgot to thank Lord, come we will do the puja. She insists and asks her to come. Anandi asks her to come for Pariknama. Gunjan sees Aarav and Emily. She says you don’t have any other problem than low BP, right. Anandi says you worry so much for me. She sees Aarav and Emily. She asks Gunjan to see Aarav. Gunjan says he is with that American, it means he lied to you again. Anandi collides with Gulab. Kanchan says Parimal baba asked him to go Pariknama. Gunjan asks where did Aarav go. Anandi says my bp is getting low. The ladies take a selfie with Emily. Aarav says they are Saas and Bahu. He asks her to wait, he will get a bike. The ladies play dandiya. Emily asks them to stop fighting. She shouts Aarav. He says this is no fighting, relax, this is Dandiya, Indian dance. Emily says so sorry, its my mistake, can I try. He says yes.

Gunjan says Aarav is lying, will Anandi’s dream get true. Anandi says don’t remind me that dream. Gunjan says okay, but sometimes morning dreams get true. Anandi says I will slap Aarav, not you, Gunjan. Gulab asks her not to do this. Kanchan tells what happened about Parmar’s son. She says Aarav and that girl can commit suicide. Gulab says young lots can do anything, stay calm, don’t get angry on Aarav. Anandi nods. Gunjan asks how can Anandi stay calm, Aarav lied to her twice, one day, he will ring the bell and bring Emily home, they will cometo get their blessings. The door bell rings. Anand asks Gunjan to stop. She says Pinky, you go and open the door. Pinky opens the door. They see Aarav and Emily wearing garlands.

Gulab says congrats, wow Aarav, come. He asks Anandi to smile, get happy. Anandi faints. Everyone asks Anandi to wake up, Aarav is still a bachelor. Aaghya asks why did you come this way. Aarav says I didn’t know she will think we got married. Pinky says we will shock Baa and get her to consciousness. She says house is on fire, wake up. Gunjan says stop it, she may get a heart attack. Gulab suggests Parimal’s idea. Gunjan asks why didn’t the doctor come. Aarav says doctor said its his daughter’s marriage, he will come after kanyadaan. Aaghya shouts a lot. Aarav says call is connected. Aaghya asks the doctor to come. Gunjan says Baa is getting conscious, don’t talk about marriage. She asks Anandi to get up, nothing happened. Gulab says marriage happened. Anandi gets fainting. Aaghya says Gulab is talking about doctor’s daughter’s marriage. Anandi sees Emily sitting there. She makes a face. She asks about the garlands. Gunjan says they saw the procession going, the people made them wear the garlands, they didn’t get married. Aarav says sorry. Anandi says you lied to me and went to the temple, you got her home, why.

He says I left from home and got Jaman’s call, I got to know he is in Rajkot so I gave him the work, you taught me, Emily came to me and told me about Mridula’s land deal, she needs our help, we should help everyone, be it a friend or enemy, so I helped her, its your rule. Anandi says sometimes we have to change rules, we can’t help Emily, explain her in English, she has to do her work herself. She goes. Aarav says sorry, my mum …. Emily says I understand, its okay. Gunjan asks her to give the file, she will do something. He asks really. Gunjan says but not for free, I will charge. He thanks her.

Gunjan comes to Anandi. She says Emily is after Aarav, Mridula went to US and then Emily’s family, maybe its fate wanting to unite Aarav and Emily, Mridula was going to come from US, but Emily came here to Aarav’s city, she came to our house instead Jaman’s hotel. Anandi worries. Gunjan says Emily has come for the land deal, you refused to help her. Anandi says I don’t like her. Gunjan says she will go back if her work gets done, else their hearts can meet and then we know. Anandi says yes, right, call her. Gunjan says no need, I took the file, sign on it, I took her file without asking you, did I do anything wrong. Anandi nods and signs the papers. Emily says I have an imp work. Aarav asks what’s that. She says finding my soul mate. He says you mean life partner, you came here to find your life partner, you love India so much. She says yes, I was born in Emily in last birth. He smiles and says she wants to be here and I m yearning to go to America. He says I wish whatever we want, it happens.

Aarav and Emily say we have signed. Anandi says you got them married. Gunjan cries.