Anandiba Aur Emily 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav and Emily get married

Anandiba Aur Emily 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Gunjan coming and saying Anandi has signed the papers for the NOC. Aarav and Emily thank her. Gunjan says I asked for a price. He asks what do you want. She asks why are you helping this girl so much, say the truth. Aarav says she is from America, if she gets impressed then she will help me getting a visa, that’s it. Gunjan says drop her at Jaman’s hotel soon. Aarav asks Emily to come. Emily thanks Gunjan and leaves. Gunjan thinks the matter is still under control.

Aarav gets Emily to Jaman’s place. He says he is doing catering service here, stay here for 2 mins, I will just come. Emily sees the function going on. The couples dance on Shehnai… She also dances. Jaman asks her to come and dance. Emily and Aarav dance with the couples on Udi Udi jaye…plays… Aarav says wow, you have danced so well. Emily says I told you, I love you, I love Indians and India, I have learnt Bollywood dance. She dances and shows them the moves. She asks how was it. Aarav says it was amazing. Jaman says Baa is calling you to give a reward, she got happy seeing your dance. A lady comes and blesses them. Aarav sees someone else. Jaman jokes she isn’t your mum. Gunjan shares her tension with Pinky. Pinky laughs. Gunjan gets angry. She asks Pinky why is she laughing so much. She says you can’t do anything, I will cook something. Pinky says I became sensible staying with you.

Gunjan asks what did you do without asking me. Pinky says I can’t see you tensed, I know you want to cook something for me, so I have called her, don’t take tension, I told her to come secretly. Gunjan asks who did you call. Pinky says I will get her. She calls the veg seller Shanti. Gunjan asks why did you call her. Pinky says you said there is no Shanti/peace in the house. Gunjan asks Shanti to leave. Shanti asks for auto rickshaw fare. Gunjan gives the money. She scolds Pinky.

Its morning, Gunjan hears music. Pinky says Baa is coming. Gunjan acts to give dhoop and impresses Anandi. Pinky also takes Anandi’s blessings. Gunjan says you have got the invite from marriage committee. A couple comes and thanks Anandi for getting them married. They invite Anandi to meet the marriage registrar for their nephew’s marriage. Anandi asks them to meet her son Aaghya. Anandi asks Gunjan to handle Emily, her work should get over. Gunjan says yes, I will send her away. Aaghya talks to the couple and says your registry work will be done. Gunjan asks Aarav to get Emily’s work done. Aarav says yes, it will be done, I will say Anandi has sent us. Gunjan says I told the lawyer, no need to tell anything there, lawyer will be waiting.

Lawyers Govind and Pushpa have a talk about their clients. Aarav and Emily come to meet Govind. Pushpa meets them and says you came for registry, come. Govind says no one has come till now, Gunjan. He sees the couple with their nephew and the bride. He says yes, they have come, I will get their work done. Aarav says actually, we have come for… Pushpa says give me the documents, no need to say anything. Emily gives the documents. Aarav asks why mine. Pushpa says your documents are also needed. He says I will give it. Govind asks about the land. The man says leave the land, get my nephew married. Aarav talks to Jaman on call. He asks what, everyone liked Emily’s dance, we can’t dance in the marriage. He shouts on call. Pushpa asks him to switch off his phone. Her phone rings. She says mine is also off now. Anandi asks Gunjan to talk to Desai. Desai says we came for the marriage registry, lawyer is saying about the land registry. Gunjan says I spoke to Pushpa. Desai says no, he is Govind bhai. She says Aarav and Emily were going to Pushpa. Emily signs the papers. Gunjan says Emily and Aarav reached the marriage registry dept. Anandi asks what. Pushpa says Anandi has a big name here, so registrar has done the work so quickly. Gunjan calls Aarav. Emily answers and says the work the done, don’t worry. Gunjan says Emily answered and said the work is done. Anandi says call Pushpa. Pinky says okay. Gunjan says Pushpa isn’t answering. Anandi says we should leave now. Pushpa says registry is done. Pushpa asks them did they get any garlands or want to get any pic. Aarav says no. She says congrats and wishes them for the marriage. Aarav and Emily ask how can this happen. Anandi comes and says don’t sign Aarav. He says I have done it.

Pinky sees the snake over Aarav and shouts. Everyone goes to see him, and gets shocked.