Anandiba Aur Emily 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav falls for Emily

Anandiba Aur Emily 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Anandi thanking Lord. Gunjan acts and says Pinky has reached Aarav in time and saved her. Anandi says you are right, I didn’t know that Pinky loves this family and will risk her life. Gunjan says she can do anything for this house and Aarav. Aarav thanks Emily for saving him from the snake. Emily says I did that to save the snake from you all. He laughs and says thanks. Anandi says I want to thank Pinky by hugging her. Gunjan asks are you thinking the same. Anandi asks what. Gunjan says we were thinking of finding Choti bahu, Pinky has proved her love, we have to take a decision else Emily can enter Aarav’s heart, whom will you choose between Emily and Pinky. Aarav says if we really got married, then I would have become an American citizen. Emily says I also thought to get an Indian family as my Sasural. He says this won’t happen. He goes. Anandi calls Aarav. She says sometimes, we look for something that’s around us, love is such a thing, you want to go to America, right, you will go on honeymoon, when that girl saved your life, I realized she is suitable to become your wife, promise me, you won’t say no. Aarav and Emily see each other. Anandi asks him to get engaged to the girl today itself. Aarav says I promise you. Anandi calls out Gunjan. Gunjan gets Pinky downstairs. Aarav gets socked knowing Pinky is the girl. Anandi shows the ancestral ring and says relation will be of births with the person who wears this ring. She asks Emily to come and see the engagement. Gunjan asks Anandi to make Emily leave. Anandi gives the ring to Aarav. Emily slips and falls over Aarav. The ring goes in her finger. Anandi shouts where is the ring. Emily shows her hand. Anandi gets shocked.

Anandi asks Aarav to remove the ring. She asks Emily to remove it. Emily says its stuck. Anandi gets dizzy. Gunjan asks her to fight, not lose. Pinky asks Emily to touch everyone’s feet, this is her family now. She cries. She says engagement has happened. Everyone tries to get the ring from Emily’s finger. Aarav asks Gunjan to wait, the jeweller will come and cut the ring. Anandi says no, I want the ancestral ring. Gulab jokes that Emily is making everyone dance. Anandi says you dropped the ghee there, so Emily slipped down. Pinky asks them to burn the ring and get it out. Aarav says no, her hand will get burnt. Gunjan asks Pinky to get the oil can. Pinky gets an empty can. Gulab says this box and her mind are empty. Emily dips her hand in the oil and removes the ring. Gunjan asks Emily to go now. Emily asks for Anandi’s NOC papers. Anandi scolds her and asks her to stay away. She asks Aaghya to talk to Mridula. Emily leaves. Gunjan says we will keep the engagement now. Anandi asks her to purify the ring first.

Aarav meets the pandit and says find a way to stop my marriage, do anything, please. He gets Pinky’s call. Pinky shows the illuminating marriage clothes to Aarav on video call. Aarav worries. Jaman asks him to fake illness and get admitted in the hospital. Aarav says no, mum won’t listen. Pinky says we will have our varnama this way. Aarav laughs and says you will make me go up. Pinky shares her plans. Aarav asks Pandit did you find any idea. Pandit says no. Aarav says stop this marriage, else I will die. Jaman says no, Pinky will die, wow, what an idea, we will say she will die if you marry her. He asks pandit to make such a setting in her kundali.

Emily talks to Mridula. Mridula laughs knowing what all happened. Emily says your land registry didn’t happen. Mridula says its fine, I will come there when my leg injury gets fine, sometimes, things happen on own, destiny knows everything. Emily thinks of Aarav. Mridula says you like a joint family, right, who knows you may get a permanent reason to stay there. Emily asks when and how. Mridula says you will meet the one Lord wants. Anandi thinks I know I will get my soul mate soon.

Pandit tells about Aarav’s kundali dosh. Gunjan suggests the remedy. Aarav makes a promise. Emily falls into his arms. Everyone is shocked.