Anupama 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Learns Truth About Ankush And Barkha

Anupama 11th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Pakhi argues with Vanraj and adamantly says that she will meet Adhik at any cost. She says its not 1970s that he will throw her in a college and stop her from going out, nobody can stop her at all. Vanraj angrily raises his hand but stops. Kavya and Anupama ask Pakhi to go to her room. She walks away crying its not fair, she hates it. Anuj with Ankush returns home and calls Anu. Bsarkha reminds him that Anu has gone for work and asks if all is okay. He says he is fine, its just a very tiring day. Ankush jokes he would have got energy seeing Anupama. Anuj looks tensed and excuses himself in lieu of getting water. Barkha asks Ankush till when he will work under Anuj and she beg money from Anupama. Ankush says she need not worry as he thought something. Anuj returns. Ankush says he has planned a dinner outside for a change, especially for Anupama. Anuj agrees. Barkha says she will book a table for them. Adhik walks in fuming. Anuj asks if he is angry because of Pakhi. Barkha recalls Adhik’s plan and says his mood is off since the morning, maybe he is missing USA.

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