Anupama 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj Spend Quality Time With Little Anu

Anupama 25th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Vanraj while driving car recalls the issue regarding Pakhi’s love affair with Adhik and everyone’s opinion regarding that. Barkha asks Pakhi if she needs anything to eat and says she is so happy that Pakhi will stay at Kapadia house tonight. Pakhi says she needs to take Vanraj’s permission first and fears his reaction. Barkha says she should let Anuj take permission as she is staying with her mother. Adhik says Pakhi has right to stay with her mother and says he will go and bring Pakhi’s stuff from her house. Little Anu does Anuj’s makeup and nail art. Anuj enjoys it and gets emotional. Anupama watches them and gives a long speech on father’s emotion.

Vanraj reaches home and asks Kavya if Pakhi returned home. Kavya says not yet and asks takes him in. Anuj and Anupama enjoy Little Anu’s prepared tea and snacks. He then tells Anupama that he couldn’t deny permission to Pakhi to stay at Kapadia house and fears Vanraj’s reaction now. Anupama says even they are comfortable with Pakhi and Adhik staying under same roof. Anuj says they cannot ask Pakhi to leave this house only for this reason and a big house is of no use if Anupama’s children cannot stay with her, Pakhi and Adhik would be under control with everyone’s presence and its better to meet in front of them instead of hiding behind. Anu nods yes lost in thought. He asks if Barkha said something. Anupama describes how Barkha is manipulating Pakhi with fake praises. Anuj asks her to relax and get some tea for him.

Kavya serves tea to Vanraj and tells Leela that they shouldn’t be too strict on a young girl or else it will backfire on them. Adhik walks in greeting Kavya and informs that Pakhi is staying at his house tonight and hence he came to take her stuff. Kavya is surprised to hear that and fears Vanraj and Leela’s reaction if they hear about it. Kavya packs Pakhi’s bag and continues to fear. Vanraj asks if its Pakhi’s bag. Kavya says Pakhi will stay at Kapadia house tonight. Vanraj gets shocked hearing that. Anuj and Anupama spend some quality time together. Tum Mile Dil Khile… song plays in the background. Anupama recalls Little Anu escaping an accident in the morning and tries to inform about it to Anuj when Little Anu walks in and informs him about morning incident. Anuj reacts in concern and scolds Anupama. Little Anu asks him not to scold Anupama as Vanraj already scolded her. Anuj apologizes Anupama and requests her not to take Little Anu in front of Vanraj again.

Anupama chats with Pakhi and says she can’t stay here without Vanraj’s permission. Barkha says if Anupama is worried that she can’t take care of both Little Anu and Pakhi, she will take care of Pakhi. Vanraj walks to Adhik and asks him to go home as he will bring the bag. Adhik leaves. Vanraj scolds Kavya for packing the bag and as usual blames Anupama for encouraging Pakhi. Leela scolds her next and says Pakhi will follow her mother’s path and will soon have a live-in relationship with Adhik. Kavya asks her not thinking wrong. Leela tells Vanraj that Pakhi will say when her parents can do that, why can’t she. Kavya says she is overreeacting. Leela says Pakhi didn’t stay at Kapadia house for motherly love but for Adhik and asks Vanraj to go and bring back Pakhi. Anupama tells Pakhi that he cannot stay there. Barkha says let her stay. Anupama asks her not to interfere. Barkha questions Anupama that her adopted daughter can stay there but real doctor can’t. Anupama warns her not to argue and go home. Pakhi gets adamant and says she will stay there.

Precap: Vanraj insists Pakhi to accompany him home or else he will permanently shut the door for her. Pakhi denies but agrees on Anupama’s insistence. She thinks Anupama is ignoring her real daughter for adopted one, life is unpredictable and maybe she will permanently shift into Anupama’s house.