Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Moral Gyaan To Pakhi

Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Kavya asks Little Anu go to Pakhi’s room and play with a teddy. Little Anu says she will not go away from her mother. Pakhi rudely shouts at her to go to her house with her mother. Kinjal warns her to behave with the kid. Pakhi yells at her and calls her Anupama’s puppet. Rakhi asks Leela if she will not slap her granddaughter now while she is always ready to slap everyone. Leela says situation will worsen more if she does so. Vanraj warns Pakhi that she is going out of the board. Pakhi says she hasn’t started yet. Anupama asks Little Anu to go and play in Kinjal’s room. Little Anu denies to leave her alone. Hasmukh says they will have tamarind candy and cream roll. Little Anu says ashram teacher says if they get angry on a mother, god will get angry on them. Hasmukh says god can bear his insult but not a mother’s insult and takes Little Anu away. Pakhi comments Anupama’s younger daughter is exactly like her and would give lectures when she grows up. Anupama warns her to shut up or else. Pakhi asks what will she do then.

Anuj while driving car thinks his Anupama is suffering a lot in both her parental and in-laws’ house for trying to keep them united, he has to take action now. Anupama asks Pakhi if she is suffering from hysteria that she is talking nonsense, she just sent her from Kapadia house as her father wouldn’t like her to stay there. Pakhi shouts her mother sent her out of the house when Barkha supported her. Anupama says she didn’t kick her out of house and her father took her away. Leela says Pakhi is speaking Adhik’s language. Rakhi taunts Leela that her granddaughter already found a son-in-law for her. Leela warns her to shut up. Pakhi shouts she has her own brain to think. Kavya says what a joke. Pakhi says they both are making a joke out of her. Leela warns her to behave with her mother. Pakhi says Leela was misbehaving with Anupama all these years.

Anupama warns her that Leela is her mother and a mother can tell anything to her child, this is the custom they are following since ages, but modern kids can insult their mother and question her motherhood.

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