Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj and Leela Accuse Anupama

Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Leela asks Mrs Anupama Anuj Kapadia not to visit Shah house again. Anupama stands shocked. Leela says she wants everything for herself, but its impossible as nobody gets everything and they have to sacrifice something. She gives an example of god Kanhaji leaving Gokul when he shifted to Mathura and never returned back to Gokul. She requests Anupama to never return again and be happy with her younger daughter and husband. Vanraj says Leela is right, there would be more problems because of Little Anu. Anupama asks if she doesn’t come here, won’t there be any fights in this house, will they live happily without any issues, will Leela stop cribbing, will Vanraj stop fighting, will Toshu reform himself, will Pakhi change her behavior, etc.; all these things will continue as 2 utensils strike when they are together; they cannot villainize her and put the blame only on her. Vanraj says at least they would have one reason out out of many.

Anupama says she cannot live without meeting her children. Vanraj says her children don’t want to meet her. Anupama says there would be fights between mother and children. Vanraj asks her to stop her lecture here and do it in her house. Anupama gets adamant that she will not stop meeting her family. Kavya says as soon as Toshu and Pakhi get into trouble, they first will search of Anupama. Kinjal backs Kavya and reminds Toshu that he wanted to abort their baby. Toshu asks Anupama to hold her little daughter’s hand and get out of this house. Anupama breaks down. She gives a long explanation on hardships of being a mother. She describes how she is blamed for everything and says she is not ashamed of being Little Anu’s daughter like she is not ashamed of being her other 3 childrens’ mother.

Little Anu tells Hasmukh that mummy sent them out as they must be fighting. Hasmukh says he doesn’t know. Little Anu says they used to fight even in ashram and end the issue with sorry, elders are fools to continue their grudge. Hasmukh thinks she is right. Little Anu says she will not let her mummy cry. Anupama continues her explanation and says this was everything to her and she has right on every corner of this house, so she will not stop coming from here even if they all try to stop her. Vanraj says she gave her lecture and should get out of here. Anupama continues her works. Vanraj says she just is worried for her younger daughter and not even Kinjal. Anupama says she came here for Kinjal today. Kinjal says yes and then Pakhi started her verbal abuse. Leela says that’s because Anupama provoked her. Vanraj warns Anupama to get out or else he will kick her out of house.

Anuj enters and warns him to dare touch his Anu. He consoles Anupama and says his Anu is enough to handle them all, but since she is emotionally labile now, he will answer them on her behalf. He asks Vanraj what did he say. Vanraj asks him to stop his college boy attitude and take his wife from there.

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