Anupama 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Hasmukh Defends Leela

Anupama 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Anupama says let all the mothers get Kinjal ready and make her special event more special. All the mothers accompany her. Pakhi notices Adhik struggling to fix the badge on his shirt and says its okay if he doesn’t want to have it. He says he will if she fixes it. She shyingly tries to fix it. He asks her to get more closer and comments that she looks pretty in this dress. She feels shy and immensely happy. Samar notices them and asks Pakhi what is happening. Pakhi says nothing and leaes. Samar thinks attraction is common in this age, but it shouldn’t happen.

Anupama with all the mother bathe Kinjal and get her ready for her baby shower ceremony. They all dance on Vaari Jaawa.. song. Kinjal emotionally a mother who has love and care of so many mothers doesn’t need anything. Anupama clicks their selfies. Vanraj gets photos and message from Samar and feels happy. He tells Kavya that the ceremony should finish peacefully. Kavya says it will. Anuj jokes with Ankush that he is the first person who is becoming a grandfather at such an young age. Ankush asks where is the real grandfather Vanraj. Anuj says Vanraj would have created a problem if he was present here, anyways he deserves to be here.

Samar notices Toshu nervous and asks him to relax. Toshu says he now realized how Vanraj feels being a father and asks if he sent pics to Vanraj. Samar says he did already. They both hug each other calling themselves papa and chachu. Hasmukh, GK, and Jignesh also joke with each other and laugh.

Pakhi announces that all the mothers are bringing Kinjal. Anuapama and others bring Kinjal for the ceremony. Jignesh says their bahu/DIL is looking very beautiful. Kinjal’s sari gets stuck in her anklet and she slips. Anuj holds her on time and asks her to be careful. They all make Kinjal sit on the chair.

Vanraj video calls Leela during break and excitedly asks if Kinjal is happy. Leela shows Kinjal’s face. Vanraj prays god for her happiness and asks Leela to zoom out the camera. She does. Vanraj gets angry seeing Anuj perform ritual in his place and recalls Anuj’s words that he became Anupama’s husband and soon will become her children’s father. Anuj tells everyone that Vanraj should have been present here as he is baby’s real grandfather.

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