Anupama 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Advice To Adhik

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Anupama 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Anuj takes Anupama to ta roadside stall and says he wants to say her that everything will be alright, but he can’t and just knows that like every time she has to bear the burnt and act strong as she has to handle everything. He says he will always be with her to protect her, but when it’s a question of her children, he doesn’t have right on them as their real father Vanraj and Anupama have right on them. He says he would have fought with Vanraj for Pakhi and Adhik, but wouldn’t have been ethical as only Anu has a right to fight.

Vanraj pampers sleeping Pakhi and apologizes her for getting angry on her. He says a few days of tears are better than whole life’s retention, she is too small to realize the truth. He says its his mistake that he bought her up like a princess, but now he doesn’t have anything and he is trying his best to give her the best education and a better life partner; Adhik and his family are wrong for her and he will not let her keep any relationship with Anupama’s family at any cost. Once he leaves, Pakhi opens her eyes.

Anupama says she doesn’t say that they should encourage children in these issues, but times have changed and they cannot force children and ask if its the age to do all this, but truth is this is the age. She talks about the restrictions during her times and gives a long speech on upbringing of children, parent’s wrong way of upbringing, children being more intelligent and way ahead of their times, but sometimes getting out of their path, etc. Anuj says its their duty to show them the right path with love and not force. Anupama says Sweety will understand if she explains her with love, he with Barkha and Ankush should explain Adhik. She says we need to explain them that we are not stopping them but just want them to focus on their studies first and wait for the right time.

Anuj says who will handle Vanraj and asks her to talk to Adhik. Anupama says even he has right on her children. He holds her hand and says he is confident on her. Agar Hum Kahen Aur Woh Muskurade.. song plays in the background. He cheers her up, and they walk holding each other’s hand. She thanks him.

Samar offers tea to Vanraj and says he must have noticed that their relationship was bettering since a few days as hew as right, but today he is wrong as he was wrongly shouting on Anuj and Anupama without their mistakes. Vanraj asks what would he have done if they were in his place. Samar says his mother taught him to differentiate between right and wrong. Vanraj thinks his mother taught him, but herself forgot and is just looking at her in-laws.

Anupama offers tea to Adhik and says at his age, everyone

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