Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manini Gets Afraid of Being Caught

Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Myra tells her parents that Yuvan is a hero. Manini scolds her not lie to escape her scolding. Hemant asks if she means Yuvan who cannot even handle himself saved someone’s life. Banni enters and says Yuvan really saved her life and is not only a hero but a heera/diamond. She tells Hemant that as a father he would understand what she means. She thanks him and asks if she can serve them anything. Hemant asks her to bring some cold water to apply cold cloth on Yuvan. She leaves. Hemant tells Manini if she believes Yuvan saved a girl’s dignity. Manini says these things are common in this kind of locality. Hemant asks how can she say that.

Banni gets busy with work while Manini tries to humiliate her. Banni gives her a befitting reply. Manini then asks Viraj to meet sure the blood sample collector meets them first as she doesn’t want anyone to know about the medicine she is giving to Yuvan. Viraj assures her. They both then continue to pester Banni and Banni handles them in her own style. Drama continues.

Goon Raja’s puppets provoke him to not spare Banni easily as she escaped today because of Yuvan. Raja reaches Banni’s house and creates drama demanding his money. Mamisa and Mamusa try to stop him. Banni enters and warns him to stop his drama. He questions why Yuvan came to her house, if he brought an alliance for her. She warns him to stop talking rubbish. He says he last saw big cars when her mother was humiliated. Banni twists his neck and sprains it. Raja leaves writhing in pain. Manini watches the whole drama and thinks she will find out the reason behind Banni’s mother’s humiliation and misuse the situation in her favor.

Blood sample collector reaches Banni’s house via terrace and collects sample. Manini gets scared learning about it. Viraj reveals that collector collected his blood sample instead and describes how he mislead Myra and the blood sample collector with the help of Charmi. Manini relaxes. Yuvan wakes up and calls Banni. Manini gives him medicine and he obeys her orders. Next morning, she tells Yuvan that he should go home and get ready for his sangeet ceremony tonight. Myra says they should postpone the ceremony as Yuvan is still ill. Banni offers khichdi box to Yuvan and asks not to have oily and spicy food today during the function. Manini offers her money.

Precap: Yuvan notices Raja behind Banni and informs her that he is the one who tried to molest her last night. Banni punishes Raja.