Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Manini offers 10,000 rs to Banni for taking care of Yuvan. Mamisa and Mamusa greedily look at the money from the window. Banni performs Yuvan’s nazar and asks Viraj to distribute it among poor in Yuvan’s name. She then gives khichdi box to Myra and asks her to give it to Yuvan. Myra takes her aside and asks if she gave milk with cream to Yuvan. Banni says yes. Myra says Yuvan hates milk cream, he was acting weird the other day and even didn’t react when his chanda mama sticker was missing; he collapsed and when he woke up, he was back to his normal self and hated Niyati. Banni says let the blood sample results come back.

Manini and Hemant get Yuvan into car. Yuvan panics seeing Raja behind Banni and shouts ghost, recalling Raja trying to molest unconscious Banni. Driver drives car away. Banni realizes that Raja is the one who tried to molest her. She confronts Raja, but Raja denies and jokes on her saying Yuvan must have tried to get closer to her last night. Banni says Myra was present and identified Raja. Raja’s puppet asks if Banni couldn’t notice Raja’s face from near and Myra identified him from far in dark. Raja tries to stop him. Banni trashes puppet and asks how does he know it was dark. Raja gets afraid and accepting his crime forgives Mamusa’s taken 3 lakhs loan.

Banni trashes him and his puppets and tells mob that Raja entered her house in dark and tried to molest her. She brutally punishes Raja, ties him to a pole and says she will tarnish his dignity now like he tried on her. She writes Tharki on his forehead and there are many tharkis like him in each lane and they all need to teach him a lesson. Women trash Raja for troubling them. She then gets him arrested by police in molestation case. Women say she is their superhero. Banni says there is a superhero in every woman and just they need to provoke themselves. Raja warns Banni that he will return to take revenge from him.

Rathore family gets ready for Yuvan and Niyati’s prewedding ritual. Anchal scolds Charmi for failing to arrange a mehandi artist. Banni delivers food to her client. Client praises her brave act and getting Raja arrested. Banni saays she wants to share her happiness with her friend Yuvan who saved her and even identified Raja. Devraj meets Mamisa and gives her 3.5 lakhs to repay Raja. Mamisa thanks him for saving Banni’s life. Banni passes by and notices Mamisa there, walks towards her and notices Devraj standing.

Precap: Manini shows Yuvan’s fake blood report to Hemant and says their son is fine. Yuvan enjoys prewedding party with Yuvan. Banni feels happy seeing Yuvan happy. Lab technician reveals that he took Viraj’s blood sample who introduced himself as Yuvan.