Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Banni continues expressing her heart out and describes the ordeal faced by the middleclass girls. Manini accuses her that she finds shortcuts to reach the palace from a basti/low class locality and shouts at her to get out of her house right now as she cannot tolerate her insulting her friend. Banni tries to leave crying. Anchal asks her to return Vivan’s other’s ring before going. Banni asks Vivan to take back the ring as he has to marry Niyati. Vivan asks her not to remove the ring as he will have 2 marriage like Hemant and will marry both Banni and Niyati. Hemant gets angry and slaps him. Devraj scolds Hemant for raising hands on a boy.

Banni tells Hemant that he knows his son is mentally unstable and could have handled his son with love. Hemant leaves. Manini shouts at Banni again to get out of her house. Chamri and Alpana try to remove ring from Banni forcefully. Banni pulls their fingers and shows howmuch it pains. She says the ring maybe of crores, but her finger is priceless as it feeds many people. Guests discuss that Banni is from their basti and mentally unstable Yuvan did wrong by putting ring in her finger.

Hemant feels guilty for slapping Yuvan. Manini asks him not to feel guilty and showing him Anchal’s given rings say they can get Banni and Yuvan engaged with them. She takes hm down. Charmi and Alpana rudely try to pull ring from Banni’s finger but fail. Banni say she will get it removed via a goldsmith and return to them. Manini forces Yuvan to exchange ring with Niyati and completes their engagement while everyone claps. Yuvan feels disheartened and drops his engagement ring down. Manini picks it and blames jeweler for the loose fit. Banni walks towards home recalling the Yuvan fixing ring in her finger and Manini humiliating her. She feels disheartened her and thinks because of Yuvan’s innocence and stubbornness, their friendship is humiliated.

Myra asks Devraj to do some magic and get Yuvan married to Banni. Sulekha says its not possible in real life. Yuvan walks to Devraj and requests him to get him married to Banni as he feels safe in her presence. He describes how Banni protects him and is sent by his mother from the stars, etc. Devraj feels helpless. At Banni’s house, Vishnu tries to remove the ring by soaking her finger in water. Banni asks him to be careful as its Yuvan’s mother’s ring.

Precap: Manini shouts at Banni to get out of her house. Goon Raja threatens Banni to return 3 lakhs loan take by her mamusa or else marry him. Viraj assaults Yuvan.