Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni’s Food Delivery Customers Accuse Her

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Banni’s customers start falling ill after consuming her delivered poisonous food. Banni promises to pay for their expenses and requests them to let them go and alert other customers. They refuse to let her go and threaten to call the police. Manini notices Yuvan his normal self and thinks why her given medicine didn’t work on Yuvan. She asks Viraj to question him. Viraj threatens him and make Yuvan reveal that he puked out the medicine. Manini notices a bandage on Yuvan’s hand.

Banni tongue lashes her customers for stopping her from alerting other customers. She asks Vishnu to go and give the medical report to Devraj immediately and continues to fight with her customers. Manini calls Raja and asks him about Banni. Raja says Banni is busy stopping her customers from having her own prepared food. Manini tells Viraj that maybe Devraj and Banni found out about the medicine and hence Devraj stopped Yuvan and Banni took Yuvan’s blood sample. She says they should get the wedding finished as soon as possible. Devraj hopes Banni comes there soon with blood report and stop Yuvan’s wedding.

Viraj and Charmi bring Yuvan down to the living room for rituals. Banni finds Raja’s message with garlands that her catering dream has ended and she should put the garlands on her customers. Yuvan recalls Viraj threatening to punish Manini if Yuvan resists to marry Niyati. Devraj tries to leave the house to meet Banni. Hemant stops him and asks where is he going as a pooja will start soon. Devraj says to have some fresh air. Manini says they have pooja for Yuvan and hence Devraj’s presence is important. Devraj helplessly sits in pooja with Yuvan.

Vishnu calls Devraj and says he is atading outside his house. Viraj receives call and asks what he needs to from Devraj. Vishnu hides the report and says he came to take tiffin money from Devraj and leaves. Viraj orders guards to not let Banni or Vishnu inside the house.
She informs Manini about Vishnu insisting to meet Devraj. Niyati walks down as a bride. Yuvan panics and asks Devraj if Banni will reach them soon . Devraj assures him and tries to go out, but Manini stops him. Manini then asks Yuvan and Niyati to exchange garlands.

Banni’s customer informs her that his employees had food and nothing happened to them. Another customer says his grandaughter’s medical report came negative. Banni realizes a few tiffins were poisoned by Rajand thinks how to find out out. Shhe closes her eyes and recalls Yuvan’s suggestion how to handle the situation when in trouble. She finds a solution looking at her pamphlet and thanks Yuvan. Vishnu reaches her informs about Viraj’s trick. Banni determines to stop Yuvan’s marriage at any cost.

Precap: Devraj feels disheartened seeing Yuvan and Niyati’s jaymala and gath bandhan rituals. Raja stops Banni from leaving the locality.