Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Disregards Her Marriage With Yuvan

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Imlie refuses to marry Yuvan. She gets up from wedding mandap breaking the garland and says she is businesswoman and came here as Yuvan’s friend. She says Manini as a woman failed to understand another woman. She asks why can’t she help Yuvan just a friend, why woman is always blamed and framed, why can’t a woman lead a normal life, etc. She says she wants better for Yuvan as a friend, but cannot marry her. Yuvan says he applied sindhoor and married her. He hugs her saying they are husband and wife now. Banni pushes him and says her customers escaped death and she cannot continue all this again. She gives Yuvan’s medical report to Devraj and its up to him to find out the truth, now she cannot help Yuvan anymore and should leave. She gets on her scooty and drives away while Yuvan pleads her not to go. Viraj and Viren try to control Yuvan.

Banni gets out of Yuvan’s house. Vishnu is shocked seeing sindhoor in her hairline and asks what happened. Hemant tries to calm down Yuvan. Manini says Banni doesn’t want to marry him, so he should marry Niyati. Niyati tells Manini that she played a risky game, what if Banni had agreed for marriage. Manini says she takes every decision after thinking well, she tells Devraj and Myra took Yuvan’s alliance for Banni and Banni rejected it, Banni is selfr-reliant and wouldn’t agree to compromise on her pride, they need to take small risks. Hemant makes Yuvan sit in a mandap with Niyati. Devraj tells Sulekha that Hemant cannot see his wife’s evilness, but he can see it and will stop this wedding.

Vishnu asks Banni to tell what happened at Yuvan’s house. Banni asks him to leave her alone for sometime and walks away. Panditji starts rituals. Yuvan recalls Banni rejecting to marry him. He performs pheras with Niyati. Devraj brings musicians enter who start playing music. Yuvan gets a panic attack. Manini and Viraj stop musician. A girl asks Banni to buy prasad from her, god will protect her husband. Musicians play music fromfrirst floor. Yuvan panics again. Myra increases havan fire. Yuvan recalls his mother’s death and gets out of control. Devraj tells Sulekha and Myra that he had to give pain to Yuvan to win over Manini’s evilness and leaves house asking them to take care of Yuvan till he returns. Yuvan collapses. Manini thinks at last Devraj postponed the wedding.

Banni reaches temple followed by Devraj. Banni vents out her anger and says Yuvan did wrong, she agrees wedding completes with sindhoor in hairline, but both parties should be in agreement; Yuvan doesn’t know the meaning of marriage, wife, relationship, etc. Devrajj says Yuvan just knows who his true friend is and a good wife is a husband’s first true friend.

Precap: Devraj suggests Banni to elope with Yuvan.
Banni elopes with Yuvan on a horse.