Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni’s Dilemma

Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Banni asks Devraj if he wants friends to become husband and wife. Devraj says he just doesn’t want her and Yuvan’s beautiful friendship break. Banni says they are friends, its a question of her life and she doesn’t want to marry she wants to grow her catering business to new heights and get respect to her mother’s name. She says even if she has to, she will marry a person who will support her in her dream and hence cannot consider Yuvan as more than a friend and doesn’t consider their marriage. She leaves Devraj determines to convince Banni to accept her marriage with Yuvan. Banni takes bathe in a river and shouts loudly to vent out her frustration. She then walks out of the lake and steps on a coconut shell unknowingly injuring her foot and bleeding from it. Devraj watches her silently.

Doctor checks unconscious Yuvan and tells family that he is still traumatized. Manini asks when will Yuvan wake up. Doctor he is not sure. Viraj asks when will Yuvan wake up and marry. Hemant scolds him and asks doctor to shift Yuvan to hospital if needed. Manini thinks Banni and Devraj stoped Yuvan’s marriage, she needs to do something to convince family for the marriage again. Devraj returns home. Hemant confronts him for creating a drama to cancel Yuvan’s wedding and blaming him for Yuvan’s condition says he will never forgive him for that. Viren tongue lashes Devraj next.

Devraj says his grandson is more dearer to him that his sons and asks didn’t he think once before alleging him that a grandfather who is alive just for his grandson took this extreme step to stop Yuvan from getting into a bigger problem. He announces that he will not let this marriage happen even if he has to go to an extent. Manini says reason behind it is she chose Niyati for Yuvan. Devraj says they both understand each other well, maybe Hemant trusts her, but he will never trust her. He says Banni will protect Yuvan always and whether Manini will act Banni’s mother or not, Banni will always follow her friendship with Yuvan. He reminds her that she played the drams during Mahashivratri, he played it during wedding. Manini thinks Devraj’s enthusiasm is only till tomorrow and she will defeat him tomorrow.

Banni packs tiffins for her customers and feels sad that she can’t deliver tiffin to Yuvan from today. Vishnu says its good or else she would have lost her other customers because of Yuvan. Devi says Yuvan is her true friend who saved her dignity, he is very innocent and she is worried for him forever, etc. She says now her total focus will be on taking her catering business to new heights. Devraj traveling in his car towards Banni’s house prays god for help. Myra calls him and informs that Hemant and Manini have taken Yuvan for court marriage with Niyati. Yuvan reaches Banni. Banni gets worried for Yuvan seeing him.

Percap: Devraj suggests Banni to elope with Yuvan.
Banni rides horse and takes Yuvan away in front of Manini and others.