Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Goes Missing

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Devraj with Sarika visits Banni’s house to talk about Banni’s alliance with Yuvan and hearing Banni’s views about her dream man hesitates to speak. Myra says he should try at least. Banni notices them and welcomes them in. She introduces them to her Mamusa and Mamisa. Manini scolds Niyati for crying after failing to defeat Banni and handle Yuvan. Niyati says its difficult to handle Yuvan. Manini says she knows and says as per Devraj’s wish, Niyati will get 50% property share after marrying Yuvan for a year and then she will send Yuvan to mental asylum and Devraj to an old age home and transfer the property to Manini. Niyati agrees.

Sulekha asks her children till when they will continue to be Manini’s slave and not settle down in life. Daughters say its their family business and they are happy to work with Manini, they had a bitter past with the previous marrage and don’t want to go through the hell again.

Banni serves snacks to Devraj and Myra and asks if they want to say something. Devraj says Yuvan is marrying Niyati, he wants Yuvn to marry a kind hearted, caring, and self-reliant girl. He asks if she was not a home food delivery girl, would she have married Yuvan. Banni says she would have as Yuvan is very pure hearted boy who loves selflessly, but the truth is she cannot marry Yuvan as he is a rich prince and she is a simple low middle class girl and there are huge differences between them. Devraj thinks he knows she is politely rejecting his proposal and prays god that she gets the boy she dreams of. Banni says whenever she finds such boy, she will bring him to Devraj first for his blessings. Devraj asks her to never forget Yuvan, then says he means to serve him his favorite food. Banni asks him not to worry.

Yuvan plays violin. Myra walks to him and hugs him sadly from behind. Banni while working at home prays better life for Yuvan. She discusses with Vishnu that they need to expand their business to repay Mamusa’s loan availed from goon Raja bhai. Vishnu says he will not let Raja even touch his father and heard about Raja’s alliance for Banni, he wants Banni to live a happy life like a queen. Banni says she will punish Raja if he ever returns again, she learnt from the mistake her mother made and will not repeat it. Myra tells Yuvan that Banni will attend Yuvan’s engagement tomorrow and hopes if Banni had accepted Yuvan’s alliance.

Next morning, family starts wedding arrangement. Anaya and Chaya finds Yuvan missing from the house and informs Manini. Whole family search for him. Myra asks Devraj to speak to Banni once as she may know where Yuvan, says she got Yuvan spoke to Banni last night when he insisted to speak to Banni. Hemant and Manini scold her. Palak calls Banni. Banni reaches house with tiffin box for Yuvan. Palak says she was about to call her and informs that Yuvan is missing from home.

Precap: Engagement rings go missing. Manni accuses Banni of stealing the ring. Yuvan fixed ring in Banni’s finger. Manini notices that and accuses her of trying to marry Yuvan and grab his wealth.