Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Falls For Niyati’s Emotional Drama

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Manini demands Banni to reveal where she hid Yuvan. Banni confused asks why would she hide Yuvan. Niyati says to stop her and Yuvan’s engagement. Banni asks why why would she waste her time in hiding Yuvan instead of working in her kitchen. Manini says everyone saw what happened yesterday and emotionally blackmails Hemant against Banni. Banni says her chemical laced lipstick is adversely working on her brain and says she just serves food to Yuvan with love and nothing else. Manini continues her drama. Hema asks Banni where is her son. Banni asks how does she know, he should ask his wife and Niyati instead as they are with him all the time.

Devraj asks Banni to what did Yuvan speak to her last night. She recalls Vivan talking about the sky, moon, etc, and asking her where would she hide if nobody wants to find her. She says she used to hide in a water tank from her mother. Out of flashback, she sends Mayra to check for Yuvan in terrace and walks to Yuvan’s bathroom and search for him in the bathroom. Yuvan hides in the bathtub and gets once everyone leaves. Banni returns and says she caught him. Yuvan says she gave him idea to hide in the water and herself caught him. Everyone look at Banni. Banni says she describes her childhood story to him and he misunderstood it.

Yuvan refuses to get engaged to dirty angel Niyati. Devraj asks Hemant not to force Yuvan if he doesn’t want to. Manini alleges Banni that she brainwashed mentally unstable Yuvan to marry him due to his wealth and bank balance. Banni says Niyati should answer this question as she is beautiful and well educated, even then she wants to marry Yuvan. She questions Niyati if she would have married Yuvan if he was not rich. Niyati stands silent an looks at Manini. Manini signals her to start her drama. Niyati says she is tired of answering the same question, she likes Yuvan as her mother was also mentally stable and she couldn’t save her mother as she was small, she became a social worker and worked for mentally unstable orphan kids, Manini saw her and proposed her to marry Yuvan, she wants to help Yuvan as she couldn’t help her mother.

Hemant asks Banni if she got her answer, she shouldn’t pester Niyati again. Banni says she feels Niyati seems to be truly repenting. Niyati says she truly wants to take care of Yuvan, but Banni’s care is not letting Yuvan accept her. She says Banni is Yuvan’s just friend who may leave him for some reason anytime, but she has to take care of Yuvan her whole life. She asks Banni if she can sacrifice her responsibilities and everything and take care of Yuvan forever. Yuvan feels happy thinking Banni would agree. Niyati grins at Manini. Banni stands silent.

Precap: Yuvan and Niyati’s engagement rings go missing. Manini accuses Banni. Yuvan fixes engagement ring in Banni’s finger. Manni accuses Banni of trying to marry Yuvan and dreaming to become rich.