Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Charmi Plans To Humiliate Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Banni tells Niyati that maybe she is right that she and Yuvan cannot be together forever.
She says he cannot see Yuvan’s life tasteless and wants to get taste in Yuvan’s life and see him happy with whoever he marries, she will leave if Yuvan’s partner wants to take care of him and will visit Yuvan only till his marriage. Yuvan cries hearing that. Manini says its just a matter of 1 week, asks Niyati to get ready for the engagement, and says she will bring Yuvan down for the engagement ceremony.

Hemant asks Yuvan to get ready for the engagement. Yuvan says he doesn’t want to marry dirty angel. Hemant asks reason. Yuvan says Niyati doesn’t like kheer and her fingers are uneven. Hemant laughs and says those are not real reasons, says Niyati will be with him always and will listen to his music and help him in his chores. He says Devraj has gone old and even he cannot be with him all the time, so he should agree for the marriage and see how they will celebrate his wedding lavishly. He hugs Yuvan emotionally and says god has given him everything, but he is worried for his son’s future. He says he and Devraj may not be prepaent with him forever, but Niyati will be with him forever. Yuvan agrees for engagement. Banni says she will get Yuvan ready and cheers up Yuvan.

Engagement ceremony starts. Niyati tells Manini that she would have controlled Yuvan long ago if Banni wouldn’t have interfered between them. Devraj asks Banni if she thinks Niyati’s story is true. Banni says she thinks so. Devraj says he still feels Niyati is not right for Yuvan. Banni assures him that Niyati will take good care of Yuvan and goes to get Yuvan ready. Yuvan refuses to get ready. Bannni convinces him and goes down asking servants to get Yuvan ready and bring him down. She then walks down and looking at the tiffin box thinks she will meet Yuvan only for 7 days and recalls the quality moments spent with him.

Yuvan gets ready and panics not finding his moon sticker/chanda mama. Servants search for the sticker and inform Banni about it. Banni calms down Yuvan and stitches moon on his sherwani. Yuvan recalls his mother and says his mother fused to stitch chanda mama on his dress. He feels very happy. Hemant notices Devraj with his sister coming down to attend Yuvan’s engagement and praises Manini for convincing them. Yuvan recites a poem for Banni praising her. Charmi watches them hiding and smirks up thinking of some plan. Banni gets a customer’s call and leaves. Charmi steals engagement rings. Banni returns and tells Yuvan that his poem was too good and he should recite it for Niyati.

Precap: Yuvan fixes engagement ring in Banni’s finger and announces that he got engaged to Banni. Manini humiliates Banni that she is dreaming to become rich by manipulating Yuvan and trying to marry him.