Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Tries To Cheer Up Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Banni cries recalling the past incident where her mother suffered because of her father’s betrayal and society’s wrath. Yuvan hugs her from behind and comforts her. Banni notices that and parting apart says she took oath to pursue her mother’s dream of a catering business and would marry only after attaining her goal or will stay unmarried. Yuvan says there is one thing common between them, her papa and his stepmother’s evil behavior. Banni continues to cry.

Yuvan notices a swinger outside and makes her swing on it. He then asks what kind a husband she wants. She says one who can understand her and her mother’s pain. Yuvan says just like him. Banni recall Yuvan’s love for his deceased mother. She further says one who can take care of her forever. Yuvan says just like he takes care of her. Banni recalls Yuvan performing pooja for her happiness. She says one who can help her fulfil her dreams. Yuvan says just like he does and he already told her that they both will make her business grow big. Banni says one who loves her immensely like her mother used to love her. Yuvan says only he can love her immensely. He thinks he promised her not to talk about wedding.

He takes her in front of god’s idol and prays god to send someone who loves Banni immensely like him, but not make him mentally insane like him. Banni feels in dilemma. Yuvan says god listens to Yuvan and will send her a boy she likes. Banni looks emotionally at him. Manini imagines her inner voice telling her that she lost Yuvan taking her enemy too lightly and considering her weak.

Banni rests on bed recalling her childhood incident. Yuvan feels thirsty and drops water on his T-shirt while drinking water. He removs his T-shirt and recalls Banni crying. He walks into Banni’s room to cheer her up and sleeps next to her thinking of comforting her when she wakes up. He sleeps hugging her in sleep. Banni’s mamusa and mamisa reach temple and ask Panditji about Banni’s location. He informs she she is staying in one of guest rooms. They head to the room and are shocked to see Yuvan and Banni sleeping together. Mamusa feels ashamed while Mamisa says Banni made their task easy and clicks their pics silently to defame and humiliate Banni and garner money permanently.

Precap: Banni is shocked to see Yuvan sleeping with her and slaps him. Mamisa posts Banni and Yuvan’s intimate photos in whole city.
Yuvan announces on mic that he will never sleep with her again.