Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Does Unthinkable

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Yuvan throws food when Niyati tries to feed him and demands to have only Banni’s prepared food. Manini asks Banni to bring her prepared food. Hemant calms down Yuvan. Manini scolds Niyati for being in a hurry. She asks Hemant if the rings are found. He says not yet. Manini says Banni would be Yuvan’s caretaker till his engagement and asks everyone to find the rings. Charmi, Viraj, Ananya, and others panic trying to find the rings.

Manini walks to Anchal’s room and asks if she found the rings. Anchal says no and showing her engagement rings emotionally says her marriage couldn’t survive, but she would be happy Yuvan and Niyati can use her rings. Manini says its good that she left her husband or else she would have been tortured by him each day. She talks about expectations and dreams and says one should expect from themselves or else they will be in pain. Anchal asks how can she be so strong even after breaking down. Manini says there is a past in everyone’s life, they should learn from it and use it in their favor. She accepts the rings for engagement and leaves.

Yuv an looks at his mother’s photo and thinks nobody knows what he is going to do. Hemant expresses his happy for Yuvan in front of Veer. Banni feeds food to Yuvan especially made for his engagement. Yuvan asks her to close her eyes as he has a surprise for her. She closes her eyes and extends her hand. He fixes his mother’s ring in her finger. Banni is shocked and asks what did he do. Yuvan loudly announces that he got engaged to Banni and soon will marry her. Everyone stands shocked hearing that. Yuvan showers flowers on Banni and claps. He says its his mother’s favorite ring, now they will be together always like Banni and her tiff, Yuvan and his music. Hemant scolds him that his engagement is with Niyati and not Banni. Yuvan says he already got engaged to Banni, should he get engaged to Niyati also.

Manini accuses Banni of manipulating Yuvan and trying to marry him to grab his wealth. She says she very poor who cooks for a living, but she wants to wear a 1.2 crores worth ring. Manini’s guest says the maid is too clever. Banni tongue lashes guest that she is a businesswoman and serves food to everyone, she brings food to Yuvan as his stepmother failed to take care of him and doesn’t know the meaning of motherhood. She says she not only serves food in this house, but in many houses; she is a daughter of an old woman and blind man, sister to a disabled boy, and friend to Yuvan. She vents out her anger. Niyati apologizes her guest and says Banni is from a low middle class family who is mannerless and doesn’t know how to behave and what to wear for the party, etc.

Precap: Manini shouts at Banni to get out of her house. Goon Raja threatens Banni to return 3 lakhs loan take by her mamusa or else marry him. Viraj assaults Yuvan.