Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan’s Sudden Change Upsets Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Manini calls Hemant and shows him Niyati bonding well with Yuvan. Hemant feels happy seeing that. Manini says a mother’s stomach fills only when her child’s stomach is full. Hemant pampers Yuvan and thanks him for making his day. Banni thinks how can Yuvan having food so easily, anyways she is happy that Yuvan is spreading happiness among his family. She walks away wiping her tears. Devraj walks to her and comforts her. Banni say she feels uneasy. Devraj says Yuvan must be seeing a savior in Niyati after Niyati protected him and thrashed Viraj. Banni says may be as Yuvan became her friend after she rescued him earlier.

Hemant leaves asking Yuvan to finish his food. Viraj rejoices thinking their plan worked. Manini warn him not to let anyone know about their plan and asks Niyati to get Yuvan ready and bring him down for sangeet. Niyati gets Yuvan ready. Banni passes by. Yuvan calls her in and asks how is he looking. She says very handsome. Niyati asks Banni to go out as she needs to dance practice with Yuvan. She asks Yuvan if she can wear his mother’s anklet. Yuvan agrees. Banni recalls Yuvan hating Niyati. Niyai asks Banni to even close the door, wears anklet, and dances with Yuvan. Banni leaves feeling disheartened.

Hemant describes his excitement with Veer after feeding Yuvan from his hand. Veer’s wife says maybe Yuvan’s hunger increased after having Banni’s prepared food. Myra complements Yuvan and notices his chandamama sticker missing. Yuvan doesn’t panic. Niyati brings his sticker, and he leaves with her. Myra feels weird seeing that. Yuvan walks down to the party venue holding Niyati’s hand. Hemant introduces them. Everycone claps for them. Banni tells Yuvan that she will go now and says don’t know when they will meet next. She prays for his happier life ahead. Yuvan asks her to visit him often and leaves ignoring her. He then asks her to visit him whenever he calls her. Banni says she will come running whenever he calls. He walks towards Hemant. Banni leaves smiling and wiping her tears.

Manini recalls giving Yuvan medicine to calm him down till his marriage, which would affect his health in a long run. She gives a speech that a mother feels immensely happy when she gives birth to her child and when she gives him to his life partner. She announces celebrating with a dance as she is very happy. Hemant happily claps for her while Devraj, his sister, and Myra realize her drama. Manini dances on Chanda Hai Tu Mera Sooraj Hai Tu.. song. Song changes to a loud song Aaj Ki Raat.. Yuvan panics hearing the song and collapses.

Preccap: Yuvan refuses to have juice from dirty angel Niyati’s hand and asks Hemant about Banni. Banni tells Vishnu that she will not spare anyone who would trouble Yuvan.