Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Raja Attacks Banni

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Hemant tells Manini that he cnanot understand Yuvan’s behavior towards Niyati as he was happy with her in the morning and now doesn’t even want to see her face. He asks if she observed Yuvan and Banni’s equation, he doesn’t see same between Yuvan and Banni. Banni continues to video chat with Yuvan and tells him she need not get afraid due to power failure until a friend like him is with her. Raja and his goons enter Bahni’s house. Yuvan asks if someone is at home. Banni says she doesn’t know as her family is out of house attending a wedding. Raja hides and attacks her in dark.

Hemant tells Manini that he doesn’t know if Niyati is right for Yuvan. Manini justifies that until Devraj and Banni are around Banni, Yuvan won’t learn to be self-reliant and only Niyati can make him self-sufficient, but if Hemant’ doesn’t like, she will cancel Yuvan’s wedding with Niyati. Hemant says there is no need for that and says he will go to London on a business trip for a few days after Yuvan and Niyati’s wedding. Manini emotionally manipulates him saying people call her a stepmother even then and think she is doing wrong with Yuvan. Hemant comforts her and leaves. Niyati walks to Manini. Manini tells her that Hemant thinks she is unfit for Yuvan and if this happens again, Niyati will face dire consequences. She says meant will shift to London after Yuvan’s marriage, then they would execute their plan. She gives medicine bottle to Niyati and asks her to feed it to Yuvan.

Yuvan gets worried for Banni when the call disconnects and tells Myra that a ghost must have attacked Banni. Myra tries to calm him down. Yuvan feels helpless and says he cannot even help his friend, he insists Myra to take him to Banni’s house. Banni notices power in neighbor’s house and gets confused. Myra agrees to take Yuvan to Banni’s house. They both walk down when Manini notices them and asks where are they going. Myra says they are playing. Manini scolds Myra to go and sleep. Myra convinces her to let them play and rush away when Manini gets busy with Palak.

Manini notices Niyati with medicine bottle and asks Niyati if she didn’t give medicine to Yuvan yet. Niyati says she was about to. Manini says when Banni can tame Yuvan, why can’t she. Myra and Yuvan get into car when Niyati stops them and asks where are they going. Hemant joins her. Myra says Yuvan is feeling suffocated, so they are going on a drive for fresh air. Hemant agrees. Niyati gives Yuvan medicine. Yuvan drops it trying to have it. Hemant asks Niyati to accompany him for Yuvan’s doctor’s visit as she is a psychiatrist. Myra gets tensed thinking she is not a psychiatrist and lied. Myra drives car away.

Raja attacks Banni in dark. Banni fights him. Yuvan asks Myra what if there is a ghost at Banni’s house. Myra says there is nothing like ghost. Yucan recalls Viraj frightening disguised her as ghost. Myra says nobody can harm Banni. The way to Banni’s house is blocked due to road digging. They take someone’s help who takes them to Banni’s house. Banni finds fuse missing. Raja throws chilli powder on her and continues attacking her. Yuvan knocks Banni’s door and asks her to open it. Myra says maybe she is in her room Yuvan says ghost took Banni away. Banni collapses when Raja hits her head with a rod.

Precap: Yuvan panics while Myra drags him back home.
Raja tries to get intimate with unconscious and injured Banni.