Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Saves Banni’s Life

Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Yuvan knocks Banni’s door and asks her to open it. Raja heads towards unconscious and injured Banni. Myra gets Heman’t call who asks her to reach home in 15 minutes. Hemant asks Niyati if the doctor came online. Niyati says no and gets tensed thinking the truth that she is not a psychiatrist will be out. Myra tells Yuvan that they need to return home immediately or else they will be scolded. She goes to get the car out of the lane. Yuvan’s chanda mama sticker falls down. Yuvan searches and picks it when the window opens and Yuvan notices Raja trying to molest injured and unconscious Banni. He shouts at Raja to go away from Banni. Raja closes window and thinks who was that boy.

Yuvan thinks how to save Banni from the goon and seeing a bonfire nearby recalls Devraj’s story how a bird set fire to garner people’s attention to save her. He collects woodlogs and clothes nearby and tries to pick a burning wood, but panics recaling his mother’s fire accident. He with great difficulty picks the fire wood and setting fire to the woodlogs shouts there is a fire accident. Neighbors gather. Yuvan requests them to save Banni as her life is in danger and continues to panic looking at the fire.

Raja gets tensed seeing fire outside and leaves saying Banni escaped this time but cannot again. Yuvan shows injured Banni to the neighbor and says he saved Banni’s life from the dirty ghost. Neigbhor breaks the door open and asks him and Myra to take care of Banni while he sets off fire. Yuvan with Myra rushes to Banni and tries to wake her up He checks the sound from her stomach and says she is alive. Myra says usually people check heart beat, he is the first person to check stomach sound. She picks her phone to inform family about the incident, but finds it switched off and panics thinking her parents will be angry on them.

Hemant waits for Myra and asks Niyati if doctor came online. She says no. Manini asks Niyati if she gave medicine to Yuvan. Niyati says yes. Banni wakes up and notices Yuvan and Myra there. Yuvan says he saved her from the ghost. Banni reveals that someone tried to attack on her dignity in dark. Myra describes how Yuvan saved her. Yuvan says he had come to save his friend. Banni cries hugging him and says he gave her a new life by saving her dignity. She says she is his hero and thanks him. He says friends protect each other. Myra thinks they both are soulmates and god made them for each other. She prays god to do something and get Yuvan married to Banni. Banni notices Yuvan having high fever. Yuvan says he is feeling weird.

Manini calls Myra and scolds Hemant for sending Myra out. Hemant asks her to relax as Myra will return. Banni calls doctor to treat Yuvan. Myra charges her phone and finds 10 missed calls. She picks call. Manini scolds where is she. Myra says her car broke down and she is on the way home. Banni washes Yuvan’s head with cold water. Yuvan says its cold Banni. Manini hears that and asks Myra if they are at Banni’s house at this time. Myra says Yuvan’s health deteriorated suddenly and hence they came to Banni’s house, doctor would reach any time.

Precap: Hemant and Manini reach Banni’s house.
Doctor checks Yuvan and says he ate something wrong and they need to perform his blood test immediately.