Beware! THIS country passes bill that allows chemical castration of sex offenders | World News

Bangkok: In a bid to tackle sex crimes, Thailand on Tuesday passed a bill that allows the voluntary chemical castration of convicted sex offenders. According to ANI, the Thai Senate passed the bill allowing the voluntary chemical castration of recidivist (a convicted criminal who reoffends) sex offenders, reported Bangkok Post.

Under the bill, medication can be prescribed only with the approval of a psychiatric specialist and an internal medicine specialist, and with the consent of the sex offender in question. Convicts who agree to receive the treatment, injections that reduce their testosterone levels, will in return have their prison terms shortened, reported the Bangkok Post.

The “Violence-Related Reoffending Prevention Bill” was proposed by the Justice Ministry and has already sailed through three readings in the House of Representatives. After winning overwhelming support from MPs, this more punitive approach to sex offences was passed by the Senate. The bill passed its third reading in the House of Representatives in February.

The Senate unanimously approved the bill, which applies to repeat and violent sexual offenders, by 145-0 votes, with two abstentions, reported Bangkok Post. Health authorities will decide the procedures. The bill will become law when published in the Royal Gazette, at a date to be decided by the cabinet, reported Bangkok Post.

Which countries allow Chemical castration?


Chemical castration is not a new form of punishment. It has been used in South Korea, Pakistan, Poland, and at least eight states in the US. Other countries – including Norway, Denmark, and Germany – have opted for surgical castration of serious sexual criminals.

However, there are arguments regarding the castration process being violative of human rights. Many experts are of the view that castration will stop sex. The castrated person may become more violent and may become a misogamist. A castrated person may start hating girls. The castrated person may start harming girls because of extreme anger.

Moreover, intercourse is not the only way of violence. Those who exhibit violence against girls may use other ways of violence.

Meanwhile, there is another section of experts, who believe that the rising cases of rape across society have made strict punishment the need of the hour. Castration will reduce the rate of crime in society due to fear. People will think twice before doing such a crime.