Bhagya Lakshmi 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi tries to make Balwinder speak the truth

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Bhagya Lakshmi 12th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Balwinder to tell the truth fast. Malishka signs him not to say. Ayush sees Balwinder looking at Malishka and gets doubtful seeing her walking backwards. Balwinder says nobody told me, I had followed Lakshmi and knows where she goes. Rishi asks him to open his mouth. He beats him. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave him and asks why are you taking trouble on your head. Rishi says you have bear so much because of him and says I will not leave him. He asks Ayush to take Lakshmi from there and asks her to go to room. He asks Balwinder to say the truth. Ayush asks him to say else Rishi will kill him. Rishi beats him more. Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s care for her. Ayush asks Balwinder to say and says he will kill you. Rishi says he will not open his mouth this way and asks him to give knife. Malishka thinks to stop him and asks Rishi to go to Police, not to take law in his hands. He asks what do you want to show that you want to go to jail for her, wants to murder him for her (Lakshmi. She asks why are you risking your life for Lakshmi. Kiran says Malishka is right and asks if he is taking revenge from Balwinder. Rishi asks yes, so what, Lakshmi has done so much for Ahana and this house respect. He says it is my duty to protect Lakshmi and if I have to do this again then I will do it. He says whoever saves my family’s respect is above all and whoever tries to ruin my family’s respect, I destroy that person. Malishka looks on. Rishi says now I will destroy Balwinder. He says that person who was with Balwinder, can do worse and can ruin our respect. He asks shall I leave Balwinder. Neelam says she don’t want him to get in any trouble. Malishka asks Rishi not to put himself in danger. Karishma says Malishka is right.

Rishi says if everyone has problem then we shall take Balwinder out and make him speak the truth. Balwinder says I will not go. Ayush asks him to say else he will kill him. Rishi asks him to say and keeps knife on his neck. Balwinder says I will say. Police jeep sound comes. Rishi asks who called Police. Balwinder smiles. Ayush says Lakshmi had called Police as we were missing. He says we shall hide Balwinder else we will be in problem. Karishma asks Virender to do something. Balwinder shouts asking them to call Police. Malishka thinks why they are doing this, they want to ruin her. Karishma says Police will come here. Neelam says Virender will handle Police. Malishka thinks today is her last day for her and nothing can be done now. Virender comes back and tells that Police went as he said that Rishi came. Rishi thanks him. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi couldn’t control his anger, then? Ayush says what we shall do. Rishi says we shall execute our plan B. He asks Ayush to go and make the arrangements. Malishka thinks what they are going to do. Ayush comes to the room and takes the medicine to speak the truth. Malishka comes there and asks them about their plan. She says if anything happens to Balwinder then Rishi will be in trouble. Ayush says nothing will happen and tells that he will make Balwinder drink the medicine to speak truth and all truth will come out.Malishka asks what will happen with this bottle. She opens the bottle. Ayush says until this medicine is in his stomach, Balwinder will speak the truth. He is about to walk out, when Malishka calls him and pushes him. The medicine bottle falls in air.

Rishi comes and holds it. Ayush says I will add this drink in water or juice, and then the truth will be out. Malishka says I will mix it in something. She thinks to throw it and says then Balwinder will not say any truth. Rishi takes the bottle from her hand and says Ayush will do it, he knows it. He says I don’t want any problem in this plan and wants to know who has told him about the truth. Ayush says there will be no problem and tells Rishi that Malishka is behind everything. Malishka asks what? Ayush laughs and says we will grab the person, Balwinder takes the name. He asks Malishka not to go. Rishi is about to go. Malishka says you are behaving as if I am nothing and says you are insulting me and favoring the girl who is getting divorce from you. Rishi says she is important for me, she didn’t think about herself while saving my family’s respect. He says he has to protect her respect. Malishka says a family member must have told Balwinder about Lakshmi’s pregnancy and says if the truth comes out then this family will break. She asks him to handover him to Police. Karishma blames Lakshmi for Ahana’s doings and says Rishi got kidnapped by Balwinder. Dadi says Rishi did right, he brought Balwinder here.

Karishma says this all happening due to Lakshmi. She says she is angry at her. Dadi says you always get angry on her. Karishma says she is very inauspicious for us. Neelam says she don’t want to talk about her. Karishma says don’t know until when we have to bear Lakshmi. Ahana gets angry, goes to Balwinder and hits him with her sandals. Everyone tries to stop her. Karishma asks what is she doing? Ahana says this man has insulted my Lakshmi bhabhi and says her sandal is enough, as she will not make her hands dirty by touching him. Karishma asks her to stand quietly and says we shall not talk to such people. She says if you throw stone on the muddy water, then the muddy water will fall on you. Ahana says Lakshmi bhabhi has bear so much. Neelam scolds Ahana and asks why is she defending Lakshmi, and why she has become above them. She says you are Oberoi family daughter and asks what happened to your class. Ahana says you are talking about class, and says this man has insulted and humiliated bahu of the house and you are saying this. Neelam says don’t take advantage of my love and asks her to stay away from those cheap people. She asks her to go. Dadi coughs. Lakshmi says I will bring water. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to bring water and says they have beaten me so much because of you. Rishi tells Malishka that there is nobody in his family who will ruin their family’s respect. He says we have many maids, drivers etc. He says someone might have told him. He says nobody has the value to ruin Oberois and tells that he don’t do comparison in relations. He says one side is Lakshmi who didn’t care for her respect to save Ahana’s respect. He says she has forgotten everything, my family said so much to her, but she bear everyone’s taunts and didn’t care for her respect and you are the one who is asking me to let my family enemy go. He goes. Malishka looks on.

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