Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dadi taking the wine bottles in her hands. Ayush asks what I am seeing in this age. He asks why she is holding it. Dadi asks him to follow her. Balwinder washes his face. Rishi thinks Balwinder is hiding in my washroom, I have to used Sonia’s room bathroom due to him. Malishka sees him and pretends to see cockroach and hugs him forcibly. Rishi asks why the girls have phobia. He sees Lakshmi going from there and says cockroach went and asks Malishka what is she doing? Malishka hugs him again and smiles. Lakshmi comes inside and says this room is not mine, but husband is still mine and asks her to stay away. She tells Rishi that she will talk to him later and asks him to behave when stranger girls stay in the house. She holds his hand and takes him from there. Malishka looks on.

Balwinder thinks God shall make him drinks wine somehow. Dadi pours wine in the bathroom. Balwinder gets the smell and thinks it is rich people’s bathroom smell. He sees the wine flowing in the bathroom, and tastes it touching it and asks who poured it inside, give it to me, Rishi. He licks the floor and asks him to give and says you can slap me. Dadi asks him to come out, opening the door. She tells Ayush that he will do my aarti. Balwinder says open the door. Dadi opens the door. Balwinder comes out and drinks. He says you have come as my lifeline. He finishes the bottle. Dadi asks if your thirst got away. Balwinder asks for the third bottle. Dadi asks him to come out. She asks Ayush to take the bottles.

Lakshmi asks Rishi what was he doing? Rishi asks her to say clearly. Lakshmi says I can’t say, but you was doing, Malishka was hugging you. Rishi says Malishka saw cockroach and hugged me being scared.

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