Bhagya Lakshmi 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

.The Episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi to make him eat, if he bites her finger then she can kiss him. She says I will eat. He says I will not bite and says Cement promise. He eats with her hand and then makes her eat with his hand. Malishka looks at them and gets jealous and upset. Rishi and Lakshmi continue to feed food to each other. Rishi wipes his mouth with her Pallu. Durga Devi says she has enquired with Ayush and got to know many things. She says she needs to talk to one more person. Malishka comes there. Durga Devi looks at her. Karishma asks whom you want to talk. Durga Devi says I hope that person cooperates with me. Virender says everyone will cooperate. Dadi says she can ask her. Durga devi says she didn’t want to ask her. She says she wants to ask Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi to tell everything. Lakshmi says lets go to Rishi and my room. Durga Devi says ok. Malishka gets tensed.

Rishi also comes there. Durga Devi asks Rishi to go. Rishi says I want to be with Lakshmi. Durga Devi says you can go and asks him not to be scared. Rishi says with whatever happened, Lakshmi is most effected, I don’t want her to feel weak or alone, so I will stay with her. It is a humble request. Durga says I heard that you both are taking divorce, and then also you are supporting her. She says if you want to stay here, then I don’t have any objection. She asks lakshmi not to feel bad, with her questions. Lakshmi says I didn’t see Inspector like you. Durga Devi says I heard that your marriage was fixed with Balwinder, and asks her to tell from the scratch. Lakshmi says she is from Gurdaspur. She says on my marriage day, we met with an accident, and my parents had died. She says before his death, my Bau ji had taken promise from Chacha ji to get me married. She says I came with Chacha and Chachi to Mumbai and Chachi fixed my marriage with Balwinder, and I agreed as it was my father’s wish. She says Balwinder had taken me to a hotel and tried to molest me, and told Chachi that I don’t want to marry, but she didn’t agree. She says then on the marriage day, fire was caught and I saved Rishi there. She says marriage was called off then. Balwinder tried again to get married to me. Then Bau ji came and proposed Rishi and my marriage. She says Balwinder tried to kidnap me during my marriage with Rishi and now about the pregnancy, he said that the baby is his. Rishi holds her hand. Lakshmi says Balwinder was already married twice.

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