Bhagya Lakshmi 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Ayush to catch Balwinder

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Ahana telling Lakshmi that Rishi bhai was stressed and his mood was not good. She asks Lakshmi to make pasta and white sauce. Lakshmi says ok, I will make and will watch video if anything is missing. She says she will bring her phone from the room. She goes to her room and sees the room messed up. She thinks Rishi is spoiling much after marriage and is making me mad. She says he will take out many clothes, will try and then throw them here. She says then he will blame me, that I didn’t keep the clothes properly. Rishi comes there, wiping his face with towel. Lakshmi asks him to throw the wet towel on the bed. He says excuse me. She says it is only remaining, you had messed up everything here. He says he couldn’t select his clothes. She says you don’t want to wear the clothes, selected by me, then you take out all the clothes and couldn’t select and mess up the room with them. She says I would have started making food by now. He asks what did I do? She says you don’t want to be better. She says she came to get her phone, to make Pasta for Ahana. She gets a call and picks it. She congratulates the lady on call for her son’s wedding and says I will come. She tries to open the invite and the APP is not responding. Rishi gets a call, talks and ends it. Lakshmi asks Rishi, did you do something with my phone. He says no. Lakshmi asks him to say and says you had taken my phone for selfie. Rishi says I have 100 times better phone than you and asks will I touch your phone. He says I will not do this and getting late. She says why my App is not working. Rishi asks if I am an engineer, how did I know? Lakshmi asks him to say. He says it is your habit to lie and asks shall I remind. He asks her to stop staring him and says you scolds me a lot for the towel, clothes and phone App. He says I will not look at your phone. He says I am very busy and asks her to fight after he comes back home. He turns and smiles. Lakshmi says he scolded me and says my time will come to scold him. She thinks why is he tensed and went in a hurry.

Kiran comes to Malishka and asks if she had any fight with Rishi. Malishka asks her to leave her alone. Kiran says I left you alone and that’s why you are here. Malishka says I did a big mistake, I had hired Balwinder to separate Rishi and Lakshmi fast and asked him to claim that the baby is his. Kiran asks are you real? You are joking. Malishka says my condition is bad. Kiran asks why did you do this madness, when they were getting divorce. Malishka says Lakshmi goes to court and gets the extension. Kiran asks why did you hire that cheap, street guy. Malishka says she wants such a guy for Lakshmi. Kiran says if Rishi comes to know about this, then he will not see your face. She says now the problem is solved. Malishka says solved? She says Balwinder is mad for Lakshmi and wants to get her. balwinder calls her. Kiran asks her not to take his call. Malishka asks her to say what to do? Kiran says we have to do something about Balwinder and Lakshmi.

Shalu asks Bani what she is doing? Bani says Neha is practicing boxing. Shalu says salt is over so she is goingb to get it. Rano scolds her. Neha falls down and asks Rano to pick her. Rano asks Shalu to pick her. Neha says I fell down due to your bad sight. She asks Rano to help her get up. Rano asks Bani to help her get up.

Balwinder is going to meet Lakshmi in decorated car. He tells Guddu that he is taking ring for Lakshmi. He asks what to do and thinks to sing and dance with her. Guddu says she called to meet you. Balwinder says he will take ring and champagne, and will marry her in church. He says he will make her wear ring and will kiss her.

Bani asks who will become Ms. India. Rano says you should have made us famous. Neha says she can’t walk. Rishi tells Ayush that Balwinder might be on the way. Rishi says you know what to do. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Rishi says I will not pick her call and says she will taunt me if I pick her call. Lakshmi talks to the boxing bag that Rishi is not picking the call being stubborn, but she is his wife. Ayush asks Rishi to pick the call. Rishi picks the call. Lakshmi asks why you was not picking my call and asks why your mood was off. He asks shall I end the call. Lakshmi asks did I do something? Rishi asks did you do something, only I do. He says he is driving and don’t want to talk while driving. He asks her not to trouble him and ends the call.

Ayush asks Rishi why did he get angry? He asks him to calm down and says you are doing this for her and scolding her. Rishi says I shouldn’t be angry. Ayush says you will get guilty. Rishi asks him to be silent and says he will say sorry to Lakshmi. He says he is already tensed, will talk to her after going home. He thinks if I tell you, then you will get worried. He thinks I will not leave Balwinder.

Shalu sees Rishi driving the car fast and thinks where is he going? She calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks Rishi is on call and asks if he called to say sorry and realized his mistake. Shalu says di, and asks who is angry with you. Lakshmi says you know Rishi. She asks how is Bani and you? Shalu asks why jiju is angry? Lakshmi says just like that. Shalu says she saw him riding the car fast and tells that he went towards the isolated area. Lakshmi thinks why did he go there? She ends the call and calls Rishi. She gets worried.

Balwinder and Guddu reach the place. Balwinder asks how am I looking? Guddu says Raja babu. Balwinder says I will get Lakshmi and asks him to stay there as Nandu. He says he can wait and do tapasya for Lakshmi. He says I have forgotten to bring bouquet. Guddu says its ok. Balwinder asks didn’t you see films, and says I get good ideas late. He says I will give ring and then will bring flowers.

Rishi says we will reach there in 5 mins. Ayush says you are flying the car and asks him to slow down the speed. Neelam asks Rishi, where is he? She asks when he will come for dinner. Rishi says Ayush and I went on a long drive and asks them to have food. Neelam asks him to come fast. Rishi says we can’t tell Mom. Neelam hears and asks him.

Precap: Lakshmi thinks what could be the reason, and gets worried for Rishi. Malishka thinks to apologize when her truth comes out. Neelam asks apology. Rishi and Ayush bring Balwinder home. Rishi says someone is with him, about whom he will say with his mouth. Malishka comes there. Balwinder looks at her.