Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder kidnaps Rishi and Ayush

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Neelam hearing Ayush telling Rishi that if Mami comes to know that you are doing all this for Lakshmi bhabhi then it will a big drama at home. Neelam thinks what Rishi is going to do for Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks why did Rishi go there, and thinks to go there and check. Ayush tells Rishi that there is no network in the phone and asks how they will coordinate Rishi says it is an isolated area and no noise here. Ayush says if Balwinder didn’t come then we will have coffee. Rishi drives fast. Neelam thinks to confront Rishi when he comes home.

Balwinder comes to the florist shop and asks the guy to give rose. He asks if the girl will agree? The florist says that girl agrees with flowers, it is the only cheap thing. Balwinder buys the flowers and smells it. Rishi is driving the car fast and the muddy water falls on balwinder’s face. Rishi stops the car. Ayush gets down. Rishi asks Ayush to wear Lakshmi’s saree and wig and sit in the front seat. Ayush asks how can I wear the saree. Rishi argues with him and asks him to wear the saree. He turns his face while Ayush goes to change. Lakshmi is in auto. Balwinder is in the taxi and is about to see Lakshmi on the signal, when the biker comes on the way. Balwinder doesn’t see Lakshmi. Shalu is waiting on the road. Lakshmi comes there and asks Shalu. Shalu says jiju went that day, and was driving fast. Lakshmi says Rishi’s mood was off since morning and says we shall go there. They sit in the car.

Malishka thinks before that cheap Balwinder tells everything to Neelam, I shall tell her. She comes to Neelam’s room, but she is not there. Malishka thinks how to tell her. Her innerself asks her why she wants to tell Neelam. Malishka says she wants to make Neelam on her side. Her innerself tells that this truth is big and asks if Neelam will hug you and will make you bahu. Malishka asks what to do, Lakshmi is winning. She says I have to convince Neelam aunty and will make some drama to make her emotional fool. She says I am her choice. Her innerself asks what about your doings. Malishka says I will do this until Lakshmi is here. She asks her to get lost and thinks to apologize to Neelam. Neelam comes there and asks why you want to apologize to me. Malishka says I have done something and wants forgiveness for that. Neelam asks what did you do?

Lakshmi and Shalu are in the car. Lakshmi prays for Rishi’s safety. Shalu says just as jiju reaches safe, I will go to Gurudwara. Ayush is sitting in the car wearing wig and Lakshmi’s saree. He says balwinder will look at me with bad sight. He says jal tu jalaal tu…Rishi is hiding behind the tree and asks Ayush if he is scared of Balwinder. Ayush says no and tells that he is feeling shame. Rishi sees Balwinder coming and tells Ayush. Ayush says let him come, I have become girl due to him. Balwinder stops the car and asks Guddu to play the song, as he is goingb to his bride. Guddu plays the song. Balwinder dances and thinks why Lakshmi came in Rishi’s car. He thinks to be careful and continues to dance. Ayush turns his face. Balwinder calls her and says see your Majnu. Ayush turns to Balwinder and says surprise. Balwinder says from where he came. Rishi holds Balwinder and beats him, recalling Balwinder claiming to be father of Lakshmi’s baby, and asking her to come. Guddu tries to stop Rishi. Ayush fights with him. Guddu hits Rishi with the rod. Ayush hugs Rishi to hold him from falling down. Balwinder and Guddu tie Rishi and Ayush with the saree.

Neelam asks Malishka what did you do? Balwinder is taking Rishi and Ayush in his car, while Guddu is driving it. Neelam asks Malishka, did you do something wrong? Malishka says my destiny has done wrong with me, I myself have done wrong and got Rishi married to Lakshmi. Neelam says I know that you are bearing a lot and asks her not to torture herself. She asks what did you do? Malishka says I did wrong, but what should I have done. Neelam asks did you do something to lower Lakshmi to win, and asks did you create problems for everyone and you. She asks what did you do? Malishka says I have done wrong with you, and knows that you are very stressed and I was troubling you. She says I will not bring my problems to you, and will let whatever is happening with me. Neelam says you are my choice and hugs her. She asks her if there is anything else. Malishka says it was just this. Neelam says I understand what is going inside you and says the person and his character is tested at difficult times. She says I am with you, and does whatever I think right. Lakshmi’s auto stops on the way and she sees Rishi and Ayush on the backseat of the car. She gets shocked.

Precap: Rishi tells Virender that there is someone else with Balwinder, who don’t just want to ruin Lakshmi’s name, but also our family’s name. Karishma asks who can do this? Rishi says he will tell himself. Malishka comes there and thinks why everyone is looking at me. She sees Balwinder.