Broken relations… Part 4 (Shocker for Ashi..)

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Kartik drinks the whole wine and she shouts.. never loved..loved would have came and told..told the reason for hiding shubham’s health and.. even if..if iam would have consololed me..if you have loved me truly. But your love was fake..i hate you naira..

Ashi gets shocked hearing this..

Ashi in mind:do kartik loved someone? Did that girl cheated him? whatever it is..i should calm him down.

Ashi goes and holds kartik..

Ashi:kartik..come lets go home.

Kartik:home?why? I..i cam to..came to my home only because of her..and now.. she herself not tere..then why should i go there? If..if i go there..then memories of my time spent with her will haunt i want to go somewhere far where i can be lonely..

Ashi gets shocked..

Ashi in mind: if that girl spent with him in that house means..then is kartik married?i don’t understand anything..leave it. First I’ll take kartik to home..

Ashi pulls kartik very difficulty and somehow she manages to make him sit in the car and drives to the home and everyone gets shocked seeing kartik..


Suwarna:guards…bring him in and make him lie on his room.

The guards take kartik and makes him lie down and they go while suwarna cries and caresses his head..

Suwarna:why are you still drinking kartik?i brought Ashi for you..then why are you still drinking? I thought.. thought today you will forget your pain as ashi is there with you but..

Suddenly ashi comes there..

Ashi:aunty.. what’s the matter? He..he was screaming about naira..who is it?

Suwarna:iam sorry for hiding this matter beta..but i now i think its time to reveal the truth..

Suwarna reveals about their and how Naira made kartik unite with her and Manish and..

Suwarna: everything went well beta..until this Kabir came. He..hve given him drugs and made him drug addictor and Shubham never revealed this to anyone except naira..

Ashi gets shocked..

Suwarna: i don’t why naira betrayer us..but she hid this matter from everyone of us..

Suwarna starts crying remembering Shubham..

Suwarna:one day he was lying in road and when we took him to hospital..he..he died telling that naira knows about his drugs matter..

Ashi gets shocked again tries to console suwarna who cries her heart out..

Ashi: aunty..i..i don’t know what to say but be strong.

Suwarna:if..if naira told this matter earlier..we could have saved him but…she killed him..

Ashi gets shocked at her words..

Ashi:aunty.. don’t tell like that. Every person’s death is decided by god not by humans. Naira have done wrong by hiding but did you know the reason?


Ashi: aunty when naira can bring close to you then why will she try to kill Shubham? By killing Shubham what she is going to get? Would she wished to leave kartik?

Suwarna cries and remembers her moments with naira and she remembers how she risks her life for making kartik stay in Goenka house when they were newly married..

Suwarna:but..but whatever the reason..the is so important na? She..she hid f..for many days then what reason would be there to hide for many days?


Suwarna goes away crying while Ashi sits sad..

Ashi in mind:i will find out why naira hid that i can join this broken family. always make everyone it’s time to make goenka’s happy too..let me start THE MISSION ASHI..

She gets up and walks downstairs and suddenly she hits dadi..

Ashi:woh.. sorry dadi..

Dadi: but be careful always.


Dadi: actually..can i talk with you privately?

Ashi is confused but agrees and goes with dadi to the room..

Dadi: naira is my granddaughter in law..i guess suwarna would have told the matter.


Dadi: though she did wrong but iam not going to let kartik and naira’s relation break.. anger and separation is different. So whatever suwarna thinks won’t happen here..

Ashi gets confused..

Ashi:dadi.. suwarna aunty just told about the matter and she said she can’t forgive naira..and she never told anything beyond it. Even after hearing the matter..i tried to pacify her but she is more adamant..

Dadi gets relieved..

Dadi in mind:thank god..this girl dint come to marry kartik. I thought suwarna would..

Dadi:ok..leave it.

Ashi:dadi..i will find the reason of why naira hid shubham’s matter. Because only that reason can make this relation join..

Dadi:hmm.. right. Do something which will make suwarna convinced because only you are acceptable to suwarna as she called you by herself.

Ashi:sure the way… where is naira’s house dadi?

Dadi gives the address to ashi and Ashi goes from there..


Mishti comes to naira and she kisses her cheeks..

Mishti: why are you doing This naira di? BFF..used to call you as sherni right? Then why are you like dead rat? Please fight like sherni and come back to us..

Naksh and Keerthi enters and..

Keerthi:well said Mishti.. don’t you advaised na..she will start fighting.

Naksh:yeah..i know about my sister. She never gives hope even for the difficult iam sure she will win this battle.

The three goes near naira and..

Three: hena naira?

A faint smile appears on naira’s lips and three gets overjoyed seeing it.. sister started fighting.

Mishti:Keerthi bhabhi..once she recovers…we will keep a big party.

Naksh:that will happen for sure as she is Naksh singhania’s sister..

Keerthi:ohh..hello..mister.. don’t praise yourself always. If she is naksh singhania’s sister then she is my brother’s wife too..naira Goenka.

Suddenly Keerthi stops and naksh’s face too changes into grim hearing Goenka..

Keerthi:muttered in remembering past..i will never use Goenka hereafter..i hate them.

Naksh:leave it Keerthi..let us not remember the horrible past as it will affect naira too. are right.

Suddenly they hear a bell ring and devyani opens the door and sees Ashi..

Devyani:who are you?

Ashi:i..iam Ashi.. naira’s friend. Actually i went couldn’t contact with her aunty. We are very close friends and i miss her so i came to see her.

Devyani gets worried while naksh and Keerthi comes there and Keerthi gets shocked seeing Ashi..

Keerthi in mind:i feel as if i saw her somewhere..

Naksh:who is it grandma?

Devyani tells what ashi told and they too get worried..

Keerthi: Ashi.. actually..she is unwell..

Ashi in mind:however..if i dint get the reason today then i won’t get the I’ll better put up an act..

Ashi acts sad..

Ashi:iam..iam returning to England today..she is my bestie..i will really miss her..

Ashi turns to go but devyani stops her..

Devyani:i guess you are her close i feel that close friends can make the patient’s recover. So you go and meet naira and give her the strength..

Ashi :ok..aunty..

Ashi goes while naksh and Keerthi guides her to the room and ashi opens the door and gets shocked seeing naira in the hospital bed with oxygen wire running in her nose..

Naksh: actually.. actually she is in coma Ashi..sorry that we couldn’t identify her friend and inform you. She is in coma for past one year..

This shocks ashi more while Keerthi feels something seeing ashi..

Keerthi in mind:i heared Ashi name too somewhere and i feel i saw this girl somewhere..but where and how?


Elsewhere in a dark room a guy who was wearing mask removes it and laughs evilly..

Yes..he is Kabir..

Kabir takes naira’s picture and strikes it with a red paint..

Kabir: i loved you truly but you punished me and because of you..i was suspended from my jobs too..i will take revenge for that naira. I will take revenge for insulting my love and spoiling my life.. because of you i lived six months in jail..i will take revenge for everything which i suffered.


precap:- Ashi confesses the truth to…