Coronavirus Outbreak: China reports 366 new COVID cases for July 13, up from 338 the day before | World News

Shanghai: China reported 366 new COVID-19 infections on July 13, of which 121 were symptomatic and 245 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Thursday. That compared with 338 new cases a day earlier, 98 symptomatic and 240 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately. There were no new deaths, same as a day earlier, keeping the nation`s fatalities at 5,226.

As of Wednesday, mainland China had confirmed 227,030 cases with symptoms. China`s capital Beijing reported no new local symptomatic cases, compared with none a day earlier, and zero local asymptomatic cases versus zero the previous day, the local government said. ALSO READ: Monkeypox outbreak: Canada reports 477 cases amid global scare

Shanghai reported five new local symptomatic cases, compared with five a day earlier, and 42 local asymptomatic cases versus 50 the previous day, local government data showed. All Shanghai cases were reported in quarantined areas. ALSO READ: What is I2U2 Summit? Know key details about the four-nation grouping