Do you find it hard to fall in Love? | Travel News

Being in love is a lovely and beautiful yet unpleasant experience for some people. They occasionally find it tough and complicated to develop and maintain love relationships because of how great their dread is.

Philophobia is the correct term for the fear of love. It alludes to those persons who are hesitant to developing an emotional bond and becoming romantically involved. Since the term is not acknowledged in medical dictionaries, it is difficult to identify the statistics of those who have Philophobia. Mental health specialists assist in determining whether a person has a mental problem or illness and assist them in navigating their journey. Philophobia cannot be diagnosed using any standardised criteria as professionals haven’t included it in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. (Also Read: Anushka Sharma to undergo cricket training for her comeback film ‘Chakda Xpress’)

There may be a number of explanations for this illness, ranging from painful prior experiences to having a crippling anxiety of rejection or cultural differences. The effects of the symptoms, which range from physical to emotional, are felt by the person. Constantly being afraid of the idea of love, avoiding all interactions with others, being obsessive and harsh with oneself, and in severe situations, experiencing panic or anxiety episodes that can cause chest discomfort, nausea, an increase in heart rate, dizziness, and other indications.

There are certain ways to treat it depending on the severity of phobia: Philophobia can be overwhelming at times and can impact your life in uncertain ways but it’s curable. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, through this psychotherapy it will help to examine the source of fear, rejection and negative thoughts and beliefs. Therapists may recommend lifestyle changes such as exercise, relaxation techniques or prescribe some anti-depressant pills, tranquillizers and beta-blockers. (Also Read: From Dobaaraa to Tenet: Here’s how these films create time travel on big screen)

There might be limited information on Philophobia- the fear of love or people might choose not to talk about their symptoms but it’s always recommended to consult an expert to gain a better understanding to overcome it and contribute to happy life.