Environmental protection measures


Hyderabad: Hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to take measures to ensure that Hyderabad and other cities should not turn into pollution ridden cities and to take action to protect the environment.

The CM wanted that both inside and outside the city and on the forestlands plants should grow turning the area into a thick forest.

“Hyderabad city is growing rapidly and the population is increasing by several fold. Our city has no seashore. Chances are more for the pollution. If we neglect now Hyderabad will become like other cities, which are suffering with acute pollution and will make people’s life as hell. To counter this environment protection measures should be taken. There is about 1.60 Lakh hectares of forestland available inside and outside of Hyderabad. Grow trees in large numbers on these lands. Make them dense forest. This will keep temperatures low and control pollution. Plant trees in large numbers in the city too. 10 per cent of the GHMC and HMDA Budget funds should be utilised for this for increasing the green cover. Prepare Haritha Plans for other cities and towns too. In all the towns create one nursery per ward. All the towns and cities in Telangana State should be resplendent with greenery as part of the measures taken under Pattana Pragathi” the CM said.