Exclusive: 3 ISIS-K terrorists will expose Afghan Gurdwara attack conspiracy | World News

The three terrorists captured alive by Taliban fighters will spill the beans about the machination hatched by ISIS(Khorasan) to attack Gurdwara Kart-e-Parwan on June 18, which left one Sikh devotee and a Muslim guard of the Gurdwara dead and seriously wounding another Sikh.

“We managed to kill four attackers during the gun battle that ensued after they stormed the Gurdwara and arrested three attackers, who are injured and presently  under medical treatment in the custody of the intelligence department,” said Colonel Sher Abdul Hakim, party leader of Taliban fighters who had led and strategized the attack on assailants to neutralize them.

Joginder Singh Salaria, who runs an NGO PTC Humanity from Dubai, and is currently visiting Afghanistan to hold meetings with Afghan Sikhs, Hindus, officials of Kabul administration, and the Taliban ministry, informed Zee News that Sher Abdul Hakim informed him that they wanted to capture all the terrorists alive so they could get to the bottom of the conspiracy behind attack on the Gurdwara and the persons involved. “Still they are hopeful to extract sufficient information from the three injured attackers,” said Salaria.

The leader of the Taliban fighters informed that they had deployed a sufficient number of security around Sikh and Hindu religious places besides their residential colonies to restore faith among them.

Sher Abdul Hakim, however, said that terrorists were not only targeting minority communities including Sikhs and Hindus but they had also stormed several mosques. “In past over two months time as many as 8 mosques have been attacked by unscrupulous elements leaving around 250 people, all Muslims, injured,” he said.

Meanwhile, Salaria informed that the Kabul administration had hailed his philanthropist work and even honored him with a certification of appreciation.

He informed that on Saturday he met Chief Commander of Kabul Afghanistan Police Mullah Wali Jan Hamza to discuss the issue of the safety of minority Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan and protection of their properties and religious places.  

The certificate of appreciation issued by the Kabul police reads “This is to place on record our appreciation and thank to PCT Humanity Organisation for efforts to meet their Sikh and Hindu Community in Kabul Afghanistan to support them along with the Kabul Police. We look forward to further cooperation with you and your Organisation in future. Government of Afghanistan always welcome appreciate in future”.