Foreign aid pouring into Afghanistan disappears into the hands of Taliban: Experts | World News

Any journalist now residing in Afghanistan must rely on the Taliban for security. Consequently, many of the stories the world reads about Taliban-controlled Afghanistan are fabricated, said Massoud Hossaini, a veteran Journalist, Pulitzer Award winner, and Human Rights campaigner. Massoud criticised the present administration, noting that the economic situation in Afghanistan is at an all-time low. Human rights, religious liberty, and fundamental human demands urgent attention as well. In the current terrible occurrence of natural calamities such as earthquakes, he noted, the foreign aid pouring into Afghanistan disappears into the hands of the Taliban, with no assistance reaching the ground level. According to him, the system is completely opaque, corrupt, and devoid of any genuine desire to assist poor Afghans.

He also deplored the recent suicide assaults on the Hazara minority and the terrorist attacks on Afghanistan’s last remaining Sikh population. He remarked on a recent event in which the Taliban slaughtered a woman just for their enjoyment. He finished by stating that there is now no accountability in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule.

Participating in a webinar titled ‘Has Afghanistan come to terms with the Taliban?’ hosted by Red Lantern Analytica, Roya Musawi emphasized that the Taliban currently lacks a legal framework. They are still not acknowledged in the global community. However, a few nations have begun coordinating with the Taliban and opened diplomatic offices there. China has been one of these nations.


She elaborated on the day-to-day difficulties Afghan women experience by stating that Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is a male-dominated society in which women are allowed very little room. Women are not permitted to study or walk freely, and the law and order situation is rapidly deteriorating as numerous individuals, including former soldiers of the Afghanistan Army, have been lately tortured by Taliban.

Former Spokesperson for International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan, Roya Musawi  further remarked that despite the Taliban’s boasts that they engage in “Positive Talks,” there is scarcely anything positive about their shady administration. According to her, Afghanistan is in dire straits under Taliban rule.

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