From hate to love – A Arylie FF (Intro)


Character Sketch

Imlie – Pregnant but divorced . CEO of Roy industries. Lost her interest in love

Aryan – CEO of Rathore chambers . Has lost her love in a flight crash

Aditya – imlie’s ex husband .divorce reason will be revealed later

Malini – Aditya’s love interest.

Preeta – Aryan’s love interest . ( Gudiya from imlie)

Plot – Aryan and imlie get into an arguement . Aaryan meets imlie for a buisness deal . They both become friends . Their love starts . Aditya returns .

Precap – Imlie cries remebering her past . She bumps with somone in hospital .

Hi guyss

This new ff is based on imlie and I inform that ff on fimmj has ended and I will soon start a new ff on agakhi . Please do read that also . Please tell me how is the plot .

Also suggest if anything needed. please do support this ff . Also tell me whether you want to see any other couple with agakhi . So I will make a cross love story .

Please do share your reviews . Part 1 will be uploaded soon .