Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Decides To Find Out Truth About Geeta

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Pakhi asks Sai not to put unnecessary thoughts in Pakhi’s mind as Pakhi’s symptoms are normal during pregnancy, but since Sai cannot give birth to her own baby, she cannot undertand that. Sai says her repeated taunts won’t affect her anymore, she has accepted that she canno bear a child, but she is happy that she and Virat will be having their own baby via surrogacy. She says they all can become a mother, but can they become a doctor and help someone; she can help many mothers deliver their babies and take care of them, but she never taunts Bhavani and Pakhi that they can’t become a doctor. Shivani says Pakhi is a very good doctor, but never boasts about herself; in fact, she saved Rajeev during their wedding; just because she cannot become a mother, she can’t understand why they all taunt Sai ignoring her other special qualities.

Ashwini says just bearing a baby in womb for 9 months is not enough, upbringing it is more important and Sai clearly knows how to upbringing her baby; she is sure Sai would be a better mother once the baby comes in the world. Devi backs her. Karishma says she said some that Pakhi’s duty will end once she gives birth to the baby and after that she doesn’t have to be awake whole night and change baby’s diapers. Sonali why Pakhi do that when she is not a mother, is Sai’s responsibility, Pakhi has to just give birth to the baby and hand it over to Sai and then enjoy her whole life. Shivani says Pakhi can start a new life after that.

Bhavani says Pakhi would continue as a Chavan family bahu even after childbirth. Sonali asks that means Pakhi will lead rest of her life as Samrat’s widow. Vaishali enters and hears their conversation. Bhavani scolds Sonali that she will not repeat her words, says Pakhhi’s mother wanted Pakhi to move on, but she wants Pakhi to lead a widow life taking care of the family like her. Sai says if Pakhi doesn’t do anything else in her life, she will interfere in other’s lives. Bhavani asks if she means she interferes in other’s lives. Sai says she is the head of the family and gets busy whole day in taking decisions for family, but Pakhi doesn’t have any work and hence Pakhi should think what she will do after handing over baby to her and Virat. She says he will go to hospital now and reminds Pakhi not to have oily and spicy food and have only poha and green tea. She wishes bye. Pakhi frowning says bye. Sai says she was speaking to her baby.

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