Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat Rescues Hostages

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Virat enters hospital via basemeent. Boss hears sound and sends his aides to check. Bhavani notices Sai nervous and quesoitns her. Virat hide in morque and lies on a stretcher as a dead body. Goon pierces knife into his body to check and he’ starts breeding. Another goon calls him and he leaves. Boss checks helicopter’s live location and tells his aides that within one hour they will fly away from here. He asks Virat if the helicopter will reach on time. DIG speaks and says it will. Virat disguises himself as a wardboy and silently sits with Sai while goons are busy chatting. He holds Sai’s hand, leaving Pakhi jealous. Pregnant lady asks Sai if he is her husband. Sai nods yes and asks her to maintain silence.

A goon visits bathroom. Virat reaches there and kills the goon. Sai suggests pregnant lady and her husband to drop their divorce idea and thinking about the famil together and their baby. They both reconcile their differences and reunite. Sai hopes they get out of here and start a new life. Boss sends another aide to check on the one who went to bathroom. Virat kills even him. Boss asks DIG when will the helicopter come and threatens to kill a senior citizen patient if he doesn’t get proper response. Patient pleads to spare him as his grandson is alive in a hotel. Sai asks boss to respect at least patient’s age. Boss warns her to shut her mouth.

Goon shoots at Virat. Virat escapes and kills him. Pakhi notices Virat and calls his name. Boss hears that and point gun at Sai and Pakhi warns virat to come out. Virat walks to him and requests to spare Sai. Pakhi feels disheartened seeing Virat worrying for Sai instead of her. Sai asks Virat to save Pakhi and Bhavani first. Boss jokes lovebirds are not concerned about themselves. Goon tries to shoot Pakhi. Bhavani noticing that picks an IV drip stand nearby and trashes the goon for trying to harm her DIL. Boss shoots Virat. Virat escapes bullet passing through his hand. Jagtap notices gun and kicks it towards Sai who kicks it towards Virat. Virat picks the gun and shoots boss. He then informs DIG to send the team in as all the dacoits are down now.

Police team reaches and take goons away. Virat asks hostages to go home as they are free now. Everyone clap for him. Senior citizen patient thanks Sai and Virat for risking their lives and saving everyone lives. Sai asks him not to thank them and return home safely. Pregnant lady and her husband also thank Sai. Pakhi realizes her reports are missing and gets tensed thinking Sai shouldn’t know that there are complications during her pregnancy. She notices reports on the ground and rushes to pick them. Sai feeds choc to Virat to celebrate his victory. Virat feeds her back and says their victory. She hugs him emotionally.

Jagtap watches them silently and tells Virat that he needs to speak, he knows he doesn’t deserve forgiveness for his crimes, even then he wants to apologize him. Virat orders Kadam to take Jagtap away. Jatap thanks Sai for her help and says he will repay her debt if life permits him. Virat says he will go out and check the situation. Bhavani thanks god for protecting her family and everyone. Sai hugs Bhavani and praises her for trashing the goons. Bhavani says goon was trying to harm her DIL and grandson. Sai says it can even be a girl.
Bhavani says its definitely a boy. Sai reads Pakhi’s reports and elearns abouther pregnancy complications.

Precap: Pakhi over phone informs Vaishali about her pregnancy related complications and hopes Sai doesn’t find out about it. Sai walks to her and says she knows about the report and wants to slap Pakhi for manipulating the situation.