Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Suspects Pakhi of Misinforming Geetha

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Sai explains Geeta and Yogesh that they don’t take signatures on any consent form and whatever explained during the counseling is final. She says someone tried to mislead them and they will tackle that person later, but first they should visit hospital as there is very less time left for the procedure. Yogesh and Geeta agree and accompany her in an auto. Virat reaches Geeta’s house searching for Sai. Geeta’s son informs that Sayi went to the hospital with his parents. Sai calls Virat and asks him to inform doctor to start the procedure. Virat explains that since Geeta didn’t reach on time, they started the procedure with another surrogate. Sai doesn’t listen to her due to disturbance.

Dr. Renu is shocked to see Pakhi as the surrogate and says she is not Geeta. Bhavani says Pakhi is her another bahu who replaced Geeta as a surrogate mother. Dr. Renu says they cannot replace the patient at the end moment and Bhavani will be responsible if anything goes wrong. Bhavani says she need not worry about that. Doctor takes Pakhi in to start the procedure. Sai reaches with Geeta and Yogesh and tells Bhavani the brought Geeta for the procedure. Bhavani says they don’t need Geeta now as the procedure is already started on Pakhi.

Sai stands shattered. Virat reaches and gets concerned seeing Sai’s injury. Sai says Bhavni is saying Pakhi replaced Geeta as a surrogate mother. Virat explains that since Geeta didn’t reach the hospital on time, they had to accept Pakhi as a surrogate. Bhavani proudly says Pakhi was her choice from the beginning. Sai gets infuriated on Virat and questions how can he allow Pakhi to be a surrogate without her permission. Argument continues. Sai says her embryo is wasted by Pakhi. Bhavani says its not as Pakhi was tested in the same hospital and prepared herself for the procedure.

Sai asks Virat if he knew about Pakhi’s plan. Virat refuses. Bhavani continues her rude and overproud behavior and rudely says since Geeta didn’t reach on time and refused to become a surrogate, she had to choose Pakhi. Sai informs that someone disguised as a hospital employee visited Geeta’s house with a consent form and frightened her of legal prosecution. Bhavani asks who must be that woman. Geeta says some Madhuri Apte had come. Nurse carries Pakhi on a wheelchair and passes in front of Sai and others. Pakhi gets tensed seeing Geeta and hides her face. Sai stops nurse and walks towards Pakhi, but Bhavan interferes and doesn’t let her see Pakhi’s face. Sai returns to Virat gets more furious on him for letting Pakhi become her baby’s surrogate and leaves from there.

Pakhi in her hospital room fears that Geeta may expose her. Bhavani tells her about an imposter who mislead Geeta. Pakhi says Geeta and Sai are lying and asks her to go and check about her discharge formalities. Bhavani leaves. Pakhi calls Geeta and says Sai wants to meet her alone at room No 3. Geeta visits her and is shocked to see Madhuri and asks why is she in patient’s clothes. Pakhi reveals that she became a surrogate for someone’s baby. Geeta realizes that she is Pakhi who mislead her and says Sai was right. Pakhi asks her to listen to her once.

Precap: Virat aks Sai if her stubbornness is more important than them becoming parents. Sai says if he thinks she is not understanding him, its because of his act, says Geeta was mislead by someone. She walks to room no 3 and is shocked to see Pakhi pleading Geeta to not reveal anyone about her heinous act.