Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai and Virat Share An Emotional Moment

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Sai notices Virat leaving witout speaking to her and asks if he will not talk to her. She stumbles. Virat holds her and makes her sit. She asks if he didn’t sleep yet. He says how would he sleep seeing her in pain. She says how can she accept her baby growing in Pakhi’s womb who tricked her and became a surrogate mother. Virat says they should be happy that their baby is coming in the world. He comforts her with a long conversation and says everything will be alright.

Next morning, senior Chavans enjoy tea after breakfast. Pakhi walks to them. Bhavani asks her to be careful and asks Karishma to offer her tea. Pakhi sits acting sad. Bhavani asks her to be happy as she will be a mother in a few days. Pakhi says without her mistake, she is being tried to be proven as a criminal. Karishma asks who is doing that. Bhavani tries to cheer her up and change the topic, but Pakhi continues to act as a victim. Ashwini tries to cheer her up next. Pakhi says even Ashwini is concerned for her after the procedure, but is making her feel as a criminal. Bhavani asks why she is bothered about the woman’s opinion who doesn’t value her sacrifice. Pakhi says that woman would be the mother of her baby.

Pakhi walks down and looks at Pakhi. Bhavani in her usual rude attitude asks Sai why is she staring at Pakhi. Pakhi asks Sai what did she do now. Whole family gathers. Sai kneels down and touching Pakhi’s stomach emotionally address the baby that she is his/her mother and soon she will hear a good news about she is the baby. She says due to some unforeseen problems, baby would grow not in in her tummy but someone else, but she will take good care of the baby. Ninad praises Sai for accepting the truth and says soon this house would be full of happiness.

Bhavani says at last stubborn Sai accepted the truth. Ashwini says at the end baby wold be Sai. Omkar says all is well that ends well. Bhavani say she is right. Sai says she is worried for her baby and not Pakhi and tells Pakhi to take good care of her and make sure nothing happens to her baby. Virat says they all are there to take care of Pakhi. Sonali and Karishma comment. Shivani and Rajeev shut their mouth. Bhavani pampers Pakhi and hopes she gives the good news soon. Pakhi thinks this baby would end the gap between her and Virat and hopes the baby gets into the world soon and unite her and Virat.

After a few days, Chavan family nervously waits for Pakhi while she performs her pregnancy Pakhi in her room. PAkhi walks to them and stands silently. Sai checks the pregnant kit and excitedly jumps announcing that the test is positive. Whole family congratulate Pakhi. Bhavani asks Mansi if she is still angry. Mansi says baby brings its fate along, who is she to get angry. Karishma congratulates Pakhi for becoming a surrogate. Bhavani says she is happy that Pakhi is becoming a mother. Sai says baby belongs to her and Virat and not Pakhi, they will take care of baby really well. Rajeev says let us leave Sai and Virat alone to celebrate their happiness. Sai and Virat walk away holding each other’s hand. Pakhi stands jealous seeing that.

Virat and Sai congratulate each other for becoming parents. Sai says she will pay all her attention towards her baby and Virat shouldn’t complain. He runs around to catch her. She says their baby would look like them. Virat says she is right. Sai gets emotional. Virat names baby girl as Savi and Sai names baby boy as SaiRat. They both get romantic and are about to kiss when Pakhi disturbs them.

Precap: Pakhi asks Virat if she can hug him as she is missing Samrat. Sai hugs Pakhi and says she can hug her whenever she misses Samrat.
Pakhi leaves disappointed. Virat asks Sai why she is doubting Pakhi again. Sai says Pakhi wants Virat’s attention, he knows only a woman can understand another woman’s intention.