Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein actress Sneha Bhawsar fulfills her dream of buying a new car

Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein actress Sneha Bhawsar has fullfilled her dream of buying a car. Talking about it in an interview, she shared that it’s only fair to treat yourself with things that you love after all the hard work that you put in daily.

She added, “I can’t put in words how happy I am after buying this vehicle. I have been wanting a car for a long time now. I had to wait for six months to get this one; I had booked it earlier this year in February.”

Sneha added, “This is not my dream car, but it was a dream to get a car which is now fulfilled. One thing I was clear about was that I wanted a red car. My parents were also with me on this day. They came from my hometown Susner, Madhya Pradesh, to spend some time with me and I got my car delivery too at the same time. My mom did the puja and I wanted my dad to first sit on the driving seat and I fulfilled even that dream of mine. I am really glad that my family was here with me in Mumbai.”

Sneha has been in the industry for five years now since she made her debut. Talking about it, Sneha said, “I was very clear about getting into acting from a young age. I told my parents about it after I completed my graduation. My parents have been supportive. My father brought me to Mumbai and that’s how I kickstarted my career. Today it feels good to see how far I have come since the time I began.”