His first and only love-Rikara ff (Chapter 11: Sangeet)

Time flew faster than they expected it to. All the pre wedding rituals had started one by one and both the families were busy with guests and preparations for the ceremonies.

Omkara and Gauri had gone for a few dates now just so they could know eachother more before getting married. Besides, their families too thought it was important since they were getting married in a relatively short amount of time. Thanks to their dates, Omkara and Gauri grew more closer and both found out that not a lot had changed about eachother in all these years. They would usually call eachother at night and talk a lot. Eventually, Gauri found herself starting to wait for that particular hour so he could call her.

Omkara was only happy to get back the opportunity to have deep conversations with her. When they used to be in the school bus, they used to have deep conversations about life and many other things after Anika would get off on her stop and Priyanka would doze off. That was his favourite time in school, Gauri was a great listener and would patiently listen to his thoughts. And her thoughts about people and things around her, always made him feel proud of her. He was more than glad to see that Gauri was still the same.

Everyone was happy about the marriage and now in a matter of 4 days, they would be officially known as husband and wife.

Anika, being an event manager had been incharge of their wedding preparations. Every now and then Gauri would find her scolding the helpers to do their work properly. In the last one and a half week Gauri and Omkara had met eachother only twice. Once for their last date before marriage and second for practicing their couple dance for sangeeth.
She would be lying if she said she didn’t miss him.

However, their sangeeth had finally started.

“Omkara?” Omkara turned around to meet a pair of grey observant eyes staring at him, eyeing him top to bottom. He was standing next to Anika, who smiled pleasantly. Omkara frowned in confusion and so she continued “Meet him, this is Shivaay, my husband.” And then turning to Shivaay she said “And Shivaay, this is Omkara.”

Shivaay nodded and smiled at him and Omkara reciprocated the gesture. “Nice to meet you Omkara.” The grey eyed man said extending his hand.

Once the introductions were done, Anika excused herself leaving the two men alone to look at her retreating figure.

“Keep her happy.” Shivaay said turning back to Omkara. “She’s a little innocent, don’t you dare take advantage of that.” Keeping his eyes threateningly on Omkara, he continued “Don’t think she doesn’t have anyone to ask about her. I may not be her brother by blood, but she’s my sister from heart. If you harm her, you’ll see the worst of me.”

Omkara was a bit surprised to see the protective side of the man infront of him. From Gauri, he had heard a lot about her Shivaay bhaiya and how much she admired him, and seeing his care for her, Omkara couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t worry Shivaay. I’ll never hurt her.” He assured him. “My first priority will always be your sister.”

“As long as that is the case, we can be friends” Shivaay replied grinning and hugged Omkara.

Shivaay, Rudra and Omkara seemed to get along pretty well while Priyanka and Bhavya had gone to Gauri’s room where Anika was already there.
“Gauri bhabhi!!!” Bhavya started “You look so pretty!!” Both Bhavya and Priyanka said in unison.

Gauri was wearing a beautiful red gown since the theme of their sangeeth had been western. She looked extraordinarily pretty in it and both Bhavya and Priyanka couldn’t keep their mouths shut about how Omkara would go crazy seeing how beautiful she is.

When she had descended the stairs And come down to the party, she could feel his eyes on her. She blushed seeing him watching her dreamily while both Rudra and Shivaay nudged him.

For Omkara, it was no less than a fairy tale, she was his queen after all. For him, at that moment only she mattered and nothing else. It was only when Rudra and Shivaay cleared their throats and nudged him did he come back from his dream land

And then began the sangeet ceremony with dances from both the sides. Once all the other dances were done, the couple dance had started and Omkara and Gauri were sent to the stage.
Gauri could feel her heartbeat increase thinking about their intimacy. Omkara slowly kept his hand on her waist and took one of her hand in his own while she kept her other hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t be scared.” Omkara assured Gauri who feared she would forget the steps.” Just go with the song.”

And they moved along with the song, swaying on the stage, creating magic. None of them were in this world anymore, for all they know was they were lost in eachother. They danced and danced without a care of the world and it was only when they heard the music stop,  replace by a huge round of applause that they realised where they were.
That night, the girls team had won, all thanks to Anika and her choreographers.

Gauri could feel her changing feelings as she wanted to be around him and she couldn’t understand why. She loved talking to him and looking at him, she loved getting lost in his eyes, his eyes spoke so many words to hers and the feeling she got by that was pure bliss. And she loved to have his gaze on her, she always did. She loved when he would look at her, it was a look of love and affection, a look that showed respect. But she couldn’t help but wonder if he would always look at her like this.

Would he still look at me like this when I’m old? She wondered. But somewhere in her she knew he would.

“Bhabhi!” Rudra called her as he ran to her. “Congratulations!”

“Thanks Rudy bhaiya!” Gauri said with a smile, knowing well that he would get irritated hearing her call him bhaiya.

“Bhabhi! Aap bhi na! Why are you troubling poor Rudy?” He asked with a pout and she pulled his cheeks lovingly.

“Hayeee!! Look how cute you are!” Gauri said with a wide grin.

Meanwhile, Omkara who had been standing a little away from them were watching the cute interaction between the bhabhi-devar duo with a warm smile on his face. He loved how his family loved Gauri and how she loved them back. She always had a great bond with Priyanka and cared for her like her own sister, even before their marriage was fixed, Gauri and Priyanka’s bond was made right from the start and now seeing her bond with the rest of his family members made him feel so glad to have her in his life. He looked on as he recalled a past memory.


“It was sooo cool Anika! I swear it was the best movie I had seen in a while!” Gauri exclaimed as she recalled a movie she had seen that week.

“I’ll be watching it today, so I don’t want any spoilers!” Anika warned her friend who rolled her eyes and then looked around in the bus as if searching for someone.

“And I have no idea when I will watch it!” Priyanka said exasperated while Anika and Gauri just rolled their eyes. “Bhaiya won’t let me watch it, but I want to watch it so bad!”

And then walked in Omkara from the front door and he made his way towards the seat behind them. He smiled at them and unlike other days they didn’t return his smile. “What’s wrong?” He asked as he sat down adjusting himself.

“Why don’t you let Prinku watch movies?” Anika had asked trying to look angry. Omkara frowned in confusion and glanced at his sister who sat beside them, her head also turned around to face him. “Don’t look at her, answer me!”

“What movies?” Omkara asked still confused.

“She said she can’t watch movies because you wouldn’t let her.” Gauri said frowning.

Looks like someone was a little too possessive about his sister.

Omkara looked at her surprised, “I let her watch what she can, but there is an age limit, girls.” He said in a dismissing tone.

Gauri and Anika exchanged glances and then looked at Priyanka who just frowned. “So you let her watch movies that’s meant for her age?” Gauri asked.

“I do.” Omkara replied shrugging. Gauri narrowed her eyes at him and then at Priyanka.

“I’m not lying Gauri di!” Priyanka defended herself, “He doesn’t let me watch most movies.”

Omkara was about to say something when Gauri said, “Prinku, he does it for a reason. It’s for your good only.” Then she smiled reassuringly at her, “You will understand why he did it when you grow up.”

Meanwhile, Omkara looked at her surprised by how quick she understood and explained stuff so effortlessly.
“Ok di…” Priyanka said with a pout.

Then she turned her attention back to him, “Don’t keep her away from good movies, there are movies which are very suitable for her! Let her watch those!” She commanded while Omkara nodded like an obedient child.

Flashback ends

Gauri looked around herself after some time, searching for Omkara and finally found him talking to someone on the phone. Unknowingly a smile crept up on her face watching him. He is so handsome!

Trying to take her mind away from thoughts about him, she tried looking around for a distraction only to find the chandelier above him shaking a little. Watching it more closely, she realised it was about to fall any moment. She looked around in panic as her thoughts went to Omkara who was standing right under it.

“Omkara..” his name escaped her lips as she stood frozen, her breath stuck watching the chandelier about to fall any moment.

He was going to die!
Or be badly injured!

And for the first time, she realised if anything were to happen to him, she wouldn’t be able to bear it. Her heart almost stopped at the thought of him getting hurt.

To be continued….

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